Tuesday Halolinks: As season get worse for Angels, everything stays the same

Jonathan Moore

Second baseman Howie Kendrick is injured during another ugly Angels' loss.

Brad Hawpe, Colin Cowgill, Joe Blanton, Ryan Madsen, and now Dontrell Willis. I came across this comment left by someone on another website. The site and the story this comment was attached to isn't important, but the effect that this simple, one-sentence comment made to me was shattering:

"Maybe Mike Trout is just the exception to a horrifically run organization."

What if Mike Trout is the only good thing we have to look forward to over the next few season? Sure, we'll get to watch Jered Weaver spin his brilliance every 5th day, but what about those Weaverless days in between? What if this organization really is a blind squirrel? Can I withstand a few years of Mike Trout and his Cast of Idiots, featuring the Goon Squad bullpen? Should I stand by as the Angels become the island of misfit players, the last landing spot of every other organizations' cast-offs before they become the assistant baseball coach at Hayseed High School? These may be dark days ahead of us. In the meantime, Halolinks:

  • Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels - Aug 05, 2013 - CBSSports.com. "The Texas Rangers realize the rest of their regular season won't be the same after bidding farewell to Nelson Cruz. Their dominance of the Los Angeles Angels is still business as usual -- and this time, they didn't even need a late home run to do it." I had forgotten (maybe it's some sort of fail-safe thing my brain does) about the kick to the nutsack the Angels receive while in Texas via walk-offs, but buck-up Mary, no chance they get walked off at home! Yipee!
  • I think this is a little harsh for Williams. With a couple of exceptions, the game would've been a lot closer: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels - August 5, 2013 - MLB.com. "In his last outing, Williams limited the Rangers to one run as he pitched into the eighth inning. "I thought Jerome was a little bit more erratic tonight than maybe we saw in Texas last week," Scioscia said. "Ball-strike ratio was not good. He battled, made some pitches to keep us in the game, but overall I don't think he commanded the counts like he can." On Monday, Williams lasted just 5 1/3 innings and gave up five runs on six hits." One of those "hits" was the flair to right seen below when Kendrick injured his knee. Also, here are a couple interesting tidbits found within the above link:
    • The Angels rank 28th in the Majors in Defensive Runs Saved, after being second in that department in 2012.
    • They're 21st in Ultimate Zone Rating, one season after having the second-best score in the sabermetric stat.• They entered Monday tied with the Brewers for the Major League lead in errors, at 83.
    • Their catchers have the 29th-lowest caught-stealing percentage.
  • Here's what the knee injury looked like: Angels' Howie Kendrick helped off field after hyperextending knee - CBSSports.com. "Angels second baseman Howie Kendrick, who's in the midst of a fine season, is day-to-day after injuring his left knee."
  • Acquiring Grant Green: Another intuitive move by the front office, or simply blind luck? Kendrick hopes to avoid DL after hyperextending knee - angels.com. "Even if Kendrick doesn't land on the DL, though, Scioscia expects him to "be down for a number of days." That means the Angels will likely have to make a roster move prior to Tuesday's game, sending down a pitcher -- or placing Kendrick on the DL -- to bring in another infielder to give Scioscia three reserves. A likely callup would be Grant Green, who was acquired from the A's in exchange for third baseman Alberto Callaspo and has played both second and third base at Triple-A Salt Lake, batting .333 in six games."
  • And it only gets worse for the Halos: Rangers-Angels Preview - Yahoo! Sports. "Since missing a little more than two weeks with a back strain, Darvish (10-5, 2.66 ERA) has allowed one run, 10 hits and struck out 29 over 19 1-3 innings while going 2-1. He matched his major league high with 14 strikeouts and yielded five hits without a walk in seven innings of a 7-1 victory over Arizona on Thursday in his 50th major league start."
  • Holy crap, start printing those play-off tickets! Angels sign Dontrelle Willis out of independent league - CBSSports.com. "In 12 starts with the Ducks, Willis went 5-4 with a 2.57 ERA and 1.38 WHIP in 87 2/3 innings. He struck out 52 batters while walking 43, a ratio that does not bode well going forward. Willis went 1-6 with a 5.00 ERA in 13 starts for Cincinnati in 2011. The Angels are desperate for pitching help and depth at the moment, as they rank 27th in baseball with a team 4.32 ERA. Their starters (4.40 ERA) have been quite a bit worse than their relievers (4.17 ERA) this year."
  • What a shame. All of that promise gone at such an early point in the season: Los Angeles Angels release oft-injured reliever Ryan Madson - ESPN Los Angeles. ""We signed Ryan with the belief that he would return to the mound this season and positively impact our team," Dipoto said. "It became increasingly more apparent to us that he was not going to pitch for the Angels this season. Our medical team has spent much time, effort and resources in the effort to facilitate a healthy return. It's been a long and difficult process for all involved."
  • Lady Goes For A Stroll Through The Kauffman Stadium Fountain. "This lady scaled some wet, narrow terrain and found her way into the fountain area in Kauffman Stadium Monday night. Was she drunk? Hard to tell. She might have been hot and wanted to cool off. Maybe she just wanted to drink her teal blue (possibly alcoholic) drink in the comfort of wet denim. It's all but impossible to know for sure. But she did seem to enjoy herself."
    The only reason I linked to this story was so I could include this fantastic comment: "Unfortunately, when she blew her way to a .224, the police were able to arrest her for both public intoxication and impersonating Mike Moustakas."
  • Just in case you haven't heard: MLB bans 13, including Alex Rodriguez of New York Yankees through 2014 - ESPN. "Major League Baseball came down heavy on the players it found to have been involved with the Biogenesis clinic, suspending Alex Rodriguez through 2014 and banning 12 others for 50 games, including Nelson Cruz, Everth Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta." But don't say good-bye to A-Rod yet: Weiner: A-Rod's appeal won't be done until season is over - CBSSports.com. "There's a very clear implication here, and the implication is that A-Rod will play the entire remainder of the 2013 season. That's significant, of course, because the Yankees are in the playoff race, and A-Rod, even at age 38 and with two surgically repaired hips, has the potential to give them a substantial upgrade at third base.
  • Also know as "Baseball Nerdfest 2013" (I wish I were there!): 10 things I didn’t know before SABR43
  • This is classic: Wandai Wrection? ESPN graphic mangles teenager’s favorite band in cringeworthy fashion - Yahoo! Sports. "Yes, that ESPN screenshot really does list Nagiru Hiramatsu's favorite singer as "Wandai Wrection." If you've never heard of Mr. Wrection, well, it's because he actually doesn't exist. On the other hand, One Direction is an actual band."

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