10+ Things Arte Moreno Learned this year

Don't embarrass him in front of the wife... - USA TODAY Sports

1. Pitching Wins Championships. It's why Oakland and Tampa Bay are in. At the Greinke Vs. Hamilton crossroads, a classic baseball lesson was learned, harshly.

2. Mike Trout is truly Mike Trout. Trout is actually arguably better this year, and now that the league is giving him their full attention, he is still a step ahead. After all the scouting money can buy, he's still getting better and better ...Cha-ching.

3. The Dodgers will always outspend Moreno, moving forward. Dang.

4. Winning is going to take time, money, and most of all, trusting the people you pay to be the experts...

5. In order to win, you have to be okay with losing in the process. If you can't stomach a season like this, by all means, get out now.

6. General Manager's are like condoms. When you sign player's yourself, as an owner, you are taking all the risk, and you are completely wasting the value of your GM in the process.

7. Mike Scioscia can't win without a decent rotation, and a quality bullpen. That might be true for nearly every manager, but for Mike Scioscia, it is twice as true. Scioscia doesn't trust young talent enough to win with intangibles on that end of the spectrum. He is conservatively assertive, not aggressive, and not a risk taker. This season at times, felt like a demonstration of the inevitable. Only after the debate had ended, did the team get off the leash, and start winning freely again.

8. C.J. Wilson is "a bulldog", and Jered Weaver is still Weaver. Jason Vargas is serviceable (free agent). Joe Blanton is a complete bust. Richards is ready for a tour of duty in the rotation. Williams is hit or miss, but not someone to bank on in the top 4 slots, a quality backup or 6th starter. The Angels need another 200 Inning quality starter, and need to decide how much they want to pay Vargas and for how long. An Ace would really turn things around ...and if Moreno overpaid for one, I think the fan's would love him for that, no matter the outcome.

9. Albert Pujols is willing to play hurt, and play hard, because he is at his core, a true competitor. Never regret signing him. We will never regret rooting for him. If there is any silver lining to a losing campaign, it is that he might finally now, get the 6 months of time of needed, to both heal, and rejuvenate his battle worn body.

10. With the best Franchise Player in the game in Trout. With the ocean nearby and a devoted fan base, and "great freeway access"; With one of the oldest stadiums in the league, badly in need of having the fences brought in about 30 feet,...Now is the perfect time, the only time, and the best time, to renegotiate with the city of Anaheim. Can we get a 200 million dollar makeover? and can we skew this ballpark back to neutral, in terms of the pitcher friendly thing...I got a 300 million dollar bet we can...

Imagine Trumbo/Trout/Pujols/Hamilton with (+3-7 more homers a piece).... time to remodel. Can we ask Mike Trout to draw the outfield he wants to patrol for the next decade, to the contours of his body and his speed? Why not? Can we not give Trout a permanent giangantic customized Box, in the new remodeled Big A? Why Not?

When the schedule for 2014 came out, I was again, hopeful. The Angel's have needed the opportunity to discover a Kole Calhoun, the opportunity to play an off year, and develop a Garrett Richards, a Michael Kohn, a Dane De La Rosa...

If there has been a lesson for Moreno, it might be this. He should concentrate on negotiations with the city of Anaheim. It's what he's good at.

If Dipoto has any pull, any connections, or any favors, left, they better appear now...instantly.

Mike Scioscia, if he gets another year, if..., it will be conditional, and understood to be just that, conditional, and that condition will be, competitive for 162+ games. Pitching will be provided, one way or another. Without a post season berth, who can fathom a Scioscia revival?

and finally. If there is a new GM Signing in the offseason. That GM will be put in charge of whether Scioscia returns...and hence, will be the hatchet man. Lesson #11.

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