Angels To Make 13 Game Statement

727 comin' out of the sky... - Jeff Gross

It will take approximately 45 hours and 15 minutes, from the first pitch on Monday evening in Oakland at approx 7pm, to the last out, Wednesday afternoon at about 4:15 pm; in that span, the Angels have an opportunity to say something about the future of the AL West.

When the Angels come home again, after sweeping the A's. They will take one day to reflect on the last 10 games and what that means. They will then go to work on Seattle at home, sweeping the Mariners thoroughly, peacefully, and without malice.

Oakland will return to the big A, for the final 3 home games of the season. The pounding the Athletics will endure, will be legendary, and home plate may have to be replaced after being stomped into a chalky dust by Angels' cleats. For the first time in major league history, the mercy rule will be called into effect. 7th inning, last game of the homestand, 55-2. Statline: Trout 8 Walks, 6 Runs, 4 Steals, 0-fer.

And Finally Texas, sweet Tehas. After Texas faces Houston, it's new rival for last place, they will come to know, the destructive power of the Angels' battle station.. by now Mike Trout doesn't just walk, he kind of shuffle steps bordering on moonwalks to first, he just floats into the first base on a breeze. Umpires offer pitchers an option to simply waving him to first with a hat tip. Josh Hamilton is locked in for some reason, as is Mark Trumbo, and they tag team their way through the Texas rotation and bullpen, until finally, in the last game of the season, with Texas' playoff hopes on the line... Kole Calhoun.

In the next 13 games, the Angels can make Oakland think twice, and strain. They can get above .500 for the year. They can come into the last 4 games of the year and potentially influence Texas' chance of making the postseason. Simply by extending Texas to the last game, they can drastically reduce Texas' chances in a 1 game playoff, especially if Yu Darvish has to win game 162 and not game 163.

All in all, this will be an exciting 13 games of spoiler. 85-77 is still possible.

ok maybe this is all just a joke, but on a more serious tip, Texas is tanking and we have the last four games of the season against them. Oakland plays the Angels 6 times in the next 10 days. The Angels only play AL West teams from here on out, and Mike Trout has 13 more games to cement one of the best sophomore campaigns in MLB history, and certainly in Angels history.

The fact that this team has taken the time and energy to win down the stretch, is actually refreshing, and appreciated. The draft picks are important, but not at the cost of winning and playing the right way.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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