The Halo: A new Stadium that Mike Trout Designs!

DIVE ! ! ! - Jeff Gross

When LeBron James finally became a free agent, he created a media sensation out of the question, what will he chose? Where will he sign? It was a live televised event, designed to maximize the hype, the profit, and his ego. I bring this up because as Angels' fans, there is a certain degree of tension in regards to what is going to happen with the team.

The biggest question for Angels' fans is the status of Mike Trout's long term extension. If he will sign, when he will sign, for how long, and for how much. Another huge question is, Will the Angels stay in Anaheim? With Moreno publicly shopping for alternate locations, namely Tustin recently, there is now an element of doubt injected into the question of where the Angels will play, and for that matter, what kind of a new stadium?

Instead of looking at all this turmoil and confusion as a reason for stress and/or tension, I would like to make a recommendation to Mr. Moreno. Think Big!

Since Mike Trout is the premier player of this generation, the face of baseball itself, and even has made his way into the President's Speech patterns; exemplifying the best in the game itself; since he is all of these things, why not negotiate with Mike Trout in terms of partial ownership of an element of the stadium itself. Literally the Trout Field.

Here is the Big Pitch:

  • Sit down with Mike Trout, the new stadium architectural team, and the league commissioner. Have Trout give input on the design of the playing field itself, the dimensions of the outfield, the amount of foul territory, the height of the walls and materials they are made of, the sight lines, and the section of the stadium that he will literally own.
  • Have Mike Trout design everything about the outfield seating areas, the kind of seats, the fabric, the level of cushioning and back support, even the sight lines. Create something completely customized to the Trout experience.
  • Have Mike Trout select and choose exactly what kind of food he wants served in his Trout Field sections, from the quality of the pizza and burgers, etc, to which kinds of beers he wants brewed right there onsite in the Trout field section microbrewery, to the nutrition of the specially designed future Angel highly nutritious kid's meals. Give Trout his own custom Brewery, you read that correctly.
  • Have Mike Trout design his own residence built into the stadium itself, so that he can comfortably rest, and or accommodate all the members of his extended family, complete with a large deck facing the field, essentially his own custom box, connected to his onsite mansion. Complete with a pool, a hot tub, and a helipad on the stadium exterior.
  • As a component of this deal, Mike Trout has a lifetime contract, a lifelong no trade clause, and is able to give input on all future stadium interests, including the potential of owning a % of any football team which might happen to also, at anytime in the life of the stadium, be added as a tenant.
  • With Trout due a legendary amount of payroll, this could become the most innovative and long term deal, any player has ever received. If Pujols is worth a ten year contract at age 32, what is Trout capable of earning over the course of his career, a billion dollars?

Other elements of the new Angel stadium, to further entice both the Lifetime signing of Mike Trout, as well as an entire generation of Angels fans could be listed out as follows:

  • The Worlds Largest and most vibrant Viewing Surface in the history of Mankind. 3D of course, curved, and stretching from foul pole to foul pole above the Trout Field. Something that creates gigantic revenues for the city, Moreno, and Co. in the offseason by reinventing the potential of live concerts and movie events when baseball is not happening or when the team is on the road.
  • The Stadium is divided into two distinct sections, the Trout Field Complex, and the Halo-plex, each separate experiences. Fans can purchase tickets for each section exclusively or an all access pass to access both section of the park. This creates two distinct experiences, overlapping, and offers all kinds of potential for concerts and other elements, such as football games with two distinct fan sections, home and away, should the field be dual purposed. It also offers the worlds best concert venue.
  • Outfield walls which can be altered, in other words, if the pitching staff is doing well, bring the walls in 15 feet. If the pitching staff is looking tired, extend the outfield walls, 15 feet outwards. The dimensions would not change between innings or during the game of course, but might be set for each series, depending on what the team prefers, and based on factors as decided by the Manager.
  • Put an extension to the LA metro rail all the way to the stadium. The loss of parking revenue, would be offset by the tremendous beer sales, ease of access, and diminish traffic, as well as reduce pollution significantly.
  • You've heard of home grown talent, how about terraced crops on the exterior of the stadium, growing it's own vegetables and fruit, for use in the new series of restaurants and eateries housed within. The freshest field in the world, with the freshest food.
  • A ring of solar panels around the complex to power it's energy needs. Sponsored by a major solar manufacturer, and bearing it's name, along with a gigantic halo above it.
  • The world's single largest and brightest RING OF LIGHT. A Crown of Light, a giant halo of light, which points down at the field, as the stadium lights, and which can also be tilted in any direction, upwards, outwards, and beyond.
  • A youth section, for youth ages 8-16 exclusively, which is located in the first 10 rows along the first base or third base side. Imagine, 500-1000 kids, of all economic backgrounds, being able to enjoy the game as a group each game, and right there up against the action. Imagine how much this would do for the game of baseball itself, as the camera pans through the delight within that section.
  • Cell phones can be used to order food and drinks, which is brought directly to your seat. Delivery.
  • A giant projector, which projects a beam of light upwards onto any clouds that might go over the stadium, creating a Halo in the sky itself, which can be seen from anywhere in Los Angeles Metro Area on game nights.

Dare to dream people. There is only one Mike Trout. There is only one Arte Moreno. There is only one Angels team, and if this team does decide to move, it will be for the first time in half a century. When Moreno bought this team, he was thought of as an innovator; I think he still has to blow the world away with what comes next.
Last but not least, who wants a piece of the Angels? If they signed Mike Trout to a lifetime extension, created the greatest stadium on the planet, and offered up ownership shares with season tickets attached to them, who would want to buy a piece of the dream, and own a stake in the team? Each stakeholder can have design input on either their custom box, or their seating section. This could add an unseen element, the most intensely customized and grande seating potential in the world. Add Football to that package, and you have the recipe for the future of sports in LA and the world.
Moreno could sell off 10% of the team to these elite stakeholders, in a bid to create a capital fund, and use that money to sign Sherzer, and other top tier pitchers, create the best minor league system in the world, all over the world, as well as reinvest the capital into the best stadium on earth.

"The Halo"
Is the idea crazy? Maybe!, But if you get the commissioner on board, if you create a stadium befitting a king, who is to say that this isn't the place for the best player in the world to fill with championships.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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