Halos Heaven Nickname Database

"See, blue? I'm a bovine fish, and my breathing apparatus is RIGHT HERE." - Hannah Foslien

An offshoot from Red Floyd's ever-so-convenient guide, I'm making this simply as a compilation of the names we've come up with.

Earlier last week, Red Floyd posted a handy guide to any member of HH, newbie or veteran, when he posted the 2014 version of his Halos Heaven meme compilation and newbie guide.

As much of the comments section went on to deal with nicknames, I wanted to have this up and handy as a quick reference point for any member, newbie or veteran, to identify a player by their HH nickname(s).

Over the years, there have been many players to garner nicknames from us, past Angels, present Angels, and even players who may not have ever played for the team.

I'll offer up my knowledge of certain players and nicknames here, and any fan who wants to share what I'm sure to leave out is free to; I'll add them in as they're posted. To start off, however, let's get it rolling with:

Kowbell: Kendrys Morales

Hula Dula (the Domino Rula): Torii Hunter

Juancho: Juan Rivera

Destructobeam: Chris Iannetta

Karmis: Scott Kazmir

WTY (Weaver the Younger): Jered Weaver

Big Splash/Big Ploppy/2B2BS/Vernone: Vernon Wells

Premium: Jeff Mathis

HK47: Howie Kendrick

BFBA (Bovine Fish Breathing Apparatus)/Reverse Cowgill: Collin Cowgill

Chupa: Bobby Abreu

Pinata: Joel Pineiro

Fraudney/F-Rod: Fernando Rodney

U-Haul: Mark Teixeira

Side Salad: Mike Napoli

Fartolo/Fatolo: Bartolo Colon

Prince Fish: Mike Trout

HGH: Gary Matthews, Jr.

King Conger: Hank Conger

Cousin Oliver: Darren Oliver

Voodoo/Black Magic: Ervin Santana

Blantana/Bluto: Joe Blanton

Cyborg: Tommy Hanson

Judy Garland: Jon Garland

The Admiral: Erick Aybar

The Colonel/Hokie Joe: Joe Saunders

Dirty Dan: Dan Haren

Mr. Freeze: Ernesto Frieri

PsyKo: Kevin Jepsen

Fat Chick: Jason Bulger

IRA: Michael Roth

Lord Voldemort: Raul Ibanez

Horseface/Thunder Mountain/Traitor John: John Lackey

Mighty Mouse: Maicer Izturis

Lettuce: Andrew Romine

Kole Train/Red Dawn: Kole Calhoun

Hambone: Josh Hamilton

MySpace: Kelvim Escobar

The Messiah: Brandon Wood

Chopper: Rich Thompson

Hitting Coach: Nathan Haynes

Hot Dog: Alberto Callaspo

Econoline/Syndrome: Scott Downs

Speedy Petey/Fleet Pete: Peter Bourjos

Nibbles/The Nibbler: C.J. Wilson

Unix: C.J. Cron

Soth/Big Catorce/Fatorce/Fatalian: Mike Scioscia

Butch/The Baby: Mike Butcher

The Groove: Don Baylor

Fuentesaurus/Lollipop Man: Brian Fuentes

Bozo: Trevor Bell

Ratfaced Bastard/PedROIDa: Dustin Pedroia

Ratface: Ian Kinsler

Skeletor: Joe Girardi

If I missed any, feel free to post them within the comments and I'll get around to adding them in.

UPDATE: As of 12:00 PM PDT on 3/12, the list has been updated. We, as the largest Angels fan site on the internet, have compiled over 70 nicknames for 54 different players thus far--and that's just of those contributed.

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