Halos Heaven Roll Call: Oakland Series

Close Series. - Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

4,703 comments over 32 innings...

The Angels went 1-2 at home against Oakland on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. At Halos Heaven we had 101 commentors deliver 4,703 comments... let's see who showed up:

Roll Call Info
Total comments 4,703
Total commenters 101
Commenter list 5thStarter, AndyHogan14, AngelsHIMYMfan, Angelsfan015, Angelsrthebest101, BearWithJetpack, BigDaddyMatty, CaptainCarlos, Caseys Kiss of Death, Chone's Chonies, Christie2002, Clutch, Commander_Nate, Damagecow, Designerguy, Dick Armada, Dono Romantico, Downing Rules, E.ReidROY, Eric in Portland, GTFO Fernando, Halofan4ever, HamboneZone13, Idahalo, Jack Frostt, Jason Andrew Martin, JeffJoiner, JerryDipotoPhD, Joe Blanton's goatee, K3YEROUT, KidRob76, LA Seitz, LAA of A Fan, LanaBanana, MH252525, Marcotor, Marine Layer, MikeSP310, MikeSalmon, Monk e, Morales8, No Bologna Polonia, NorthernNeighbour, OCangels, Oxygen48, PhiSlamma, Pipo, Quad Fin Rider, Quinlan's Goofy Swing, Raaddad, Rev Halofan, RexTookMyStash, The Big J, TheGodofRuns, TheKingfish, Tom Servo 93, Unclearnie, VictoriousVIC, angelsfan7, angelskid2210, angelslogic, angelsown3417, autry's cowboys, bc56274, bigviz, blast21dave, callmethebreeze, clover_black, contagious_arc, eyespy, firebird81, flailing, frmysteryman, gcs1469, grahams98, halofolife, hatcher is my homeboy, homercles, htennis, ihigh, kleinm, ladybug, matthiasstephan, maze88, migfig, opiejeanne, red floyd, ryanfea, salmonforever, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, sherikay, smithy610, snowhor, stuck in Romania, supermarcio, tanana40, tcberry, tolbs1010, truhalo, xDassx, ~MMP~
Story URLs

So... who led the way? Here are the commenters with 20 or more comments over the three game series...

# Commenter # Comments
1 Designerguy 370
2 red floyd 329
3 E.ReidROY 266
4 TheKingfish 263
5 blast21dave 210
6 eyespy 207
7 5thStarter 197
8 angelslogic 175
9 ryanfea 160
10 angelsfan7 150
11 KidRob76 119
12 frmysteryman 114
13 MH252525 111
14 clover_black 100
15 LanaBanana 96
16 Angelsfan015 96
17 NorthernNeighbour 77
18 tanana40 76
19 ~MMP~ 64
20 BigDaddyMatty 64
21 Morales8 60
22 ihigh 55
23 JerryDipotoPhD 53
24 opiejeanne 50
25 bc56274 50
26 flailing 45
27 stuck in Romania 45
28 Caseys Kiss of Death 44
29 Angelsrthebest101 42
30 htennis 41
31 VictoriousVIC 39
32 Christie2002 39
33 Rev Halofan 38
34 firebird81 36
35 Downing Rules 36
36 maze88 35
37 callmethebreeze 35
38 Joe Blanton's goatee 34
39 Dono Romantico 34
40 ladybug 33
41 Monk e 30
42 migfig 30
43 Jack Frostt 29
44 TheGodofRuns 29
45 JeffJoiner 28
46 Quinlan's Goofy Swing 27
47 Marine Layer 26
48 matthiasstephan 26
49 tolbs1010 25
50 sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher 25
51 Raaddad 24
52 HamboneZone13 20

And the comments that got the most recs? Well a few shared the series title with 2 recs... remember to rec the comments you most enjoy on the Game Threads...

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
2 Downing Rules We had a 3-way outfield burn out and only the Trout setting is working.
2 Designerguy The bear
2 tanana40 just hope that Santiago can get to the magic 8th inning when Smith can pitch
2 angelsfan7 Just saw this on twitter
2 Raaddad Looking forward to seeing a lot more Ian Stewart at third
2 NorthernNeighbour Blanton would have walked three before the ding-dong.  Single runs don't beat you as quickly as crooked ones.

All in all we prove once again, series by series, that Halos Heaven is the home of the most die-hard Angels fans from around the globe.

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