POSTGAME: Angels See Their Players Getting Sloppy

A BUM. - Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports


Wow. Where do we begin? Well...

#1 OFFENDER: C.J. Wilson throws more pitches in the fourth inning (48) than in the three previous combined. It is ninety degrees and your teammates are out in the sun, but far be it from this increasingly selfish bum to put a ball on the part of the plate where a batter will put it into play and C.J. will have to share destiny with one of his teammates. No, nibble nibble nibble and let them load the bases and then get your teammates involved once the hit parade begins. Gutless.

#2 OFFENDER: Howie Kendrick is so bored with executing a double play that he checks the out of town scoreboard while the ball is being tossed to him. The L will hang on Jason Grilli but he did everything right and Howie just lollygagged, Albert-style. Wait, what is "Albert-Style"? Well, read on...

#3 OFFENDER: Albert Pujols hits a double. He walks halfway to 2B and gets thrown out. No hustle. A sense of entitlement that he is owed that base. Then he feigns a limp walking off 2B with his tail between his legs. Oh and Erick Aybar hits a home run soon after that. Yeah. Where was Albert? Probably bragging about his stats to a clubhouse towel boy, hopefully the only person in the stadium who would talk to him after that utterly selfish stroll on the bases.

None of these gutless cowards will be punished by Mike Scioscia. Instead, you and I, the fan are punished with a carrot dangling of what looks like a good team only to be dragged through the broken glass of dumb jock ego phoning in their performances without a care in the world except what color wallpaper to put in the hallways of their next mansion.

On the plus side, Grilli looks pretty good, Kevin Jepsen pitched two shutout innings and Cory Rasmus mopped up C.J.'s mess excellently.

The team flies to Chicago for three games. Curious to see any punishments meted out to the brainless.

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