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Tuesday Halolinks: Baseball withdrawls alieved here

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Need your daily baseball fix during the break? Here ya go...

Cold sweats.  Trembling hands.  Dry mouth.  Shifty eyes.

This will describe me for the next three days.  Sure, there will be baseball being played, but it's not "real" baseball.  Bud will tell you it counts, but we know the truth.  No matter how many runs Mike Trout drives in, the Angels will get no closer to first place.  While some of the Halos Heaven crew are in glamorous Las Vegas, the rest of us broke (me) or busy (everyone else) contributors will be here looking for relevant news to hopefully satisfy your Angel needs.  Here's the my first contribution towards your recovery, a dose of Halolinks:

  • Would it be a good thing for us fans if Mike Trout were to become "the face of baseball"?  Mike Trout humbled to share All-Star stage with Jeter -  ""Just to be part of the same lineup and same clubhouse as him is going to be special for me," Trout said. "It's going to be something to remember, to be a part of it and experience it firsthand." That's because Trout, like most big leaguers, maintains unqualified admiration for Jeter. Like Jeter, Trout played shortstop and wore No. 2 at Millville (N.J.) Senior High School and didn't switch to outfield until his senior year. Trout was primarily a Phillies fan, "but I liked the way Jeter played," he said. "The way he carries himself on the field, he's a true professional."
  • Mike Scioscia probably just earned he's week's pay: Mike Trout of Los Angeles Angels explains why he's not in Home Run Derby - ESPN Los Angeles.  "Trout said the Angels' manager "was leaning toward me not to do it." He said Scioscia's biggest concern was "the full-out swings you take over a period of time, and just the wear and tear on your body." Trout was careful to point out that no one ever ordered him not to take part or pressured him not to take part, and he said that while he listened to Scioscia's opinion, "other that that, it's my choice."
  • Once the All-Star game is over, and everyone is back from their mid-season vacation, trade rumors will be all the rage.  The ragiest for the Angels will be Huston Street: Angels one team eying Huston Street; Pirates, others in early mix -  "The Angels are surveying both the starting pitching and relief markets, and Street may be the best fit in a still-developing landscape. There is less likelihood the Padres trade starter Ian Kennedy, who has interested the Angels for a couple of years, and while the Angels would love the idea of Rays ace David Price, they also probably understand there isn't a likely matchup in terms of prospects with which to entice Tampa Bay."

    I think he'll be an Angel within the next week.  This is purely speculation on my part, but it make too much sense:
  • Who's in favor of a Bartolo Colon encore? New York Mets make Bartolo Colon available in trade talks - ESPN New York.  "Colon, 41, has performed well in his first season with the Mets, producing an 8-8 record and a 3.99 ERA in 18 starts, and may be ideal for a contender looking for a sturdy middle-of-the-rotation arm."
  • Oh yeah, big whoop: Yoenis Cespedes wins Home Run Derby for the second straight year  - Yahoo Sports.  "The Oakland A's star won the competition for the second straight year on Monday night, hitting 30 total home runs and besting Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds in the final, 9-1. Cespedes is the first back-to-back winner  since Ken Griffey Jr. in 1998-99 and only the third two-time winner overall (Prince Fielder also won the event in 2009 and 2012)."
  • Although this is pretty freakin' awesome: Giancarlo Stanton Nearly Hit One Out Of The Stadium.  "All the talk heading into the Home Run Derby was about Giancarlo Stanton, and his first-round performance not disappoint. He hit a couple of monster shots, but this one was an absolute bomb. It was maybe 5 rows from leaving the stadium in left field. ESPN's Home Run Tracker had it at 422 feet but it was easily 756 feet. Maybe 928 feet."
  • And so is this: Minnesota dad makes two great grabs for family during Home Run Derby - Yahoo Sports.  "Yes, Adam Koering was living the dream at Target Field with his three children on Monday night.  After buying four tickets in Section 229 from a friend, the Eden Prairie, Minn., resident caught two homers in the first round. The first came off the bat of Brian Dozier of the Minnesota Twins. "We caught the first one and I said to the kids 'That's pretty good, we can probably go home now," an excited Koering said between batters. "But then the second one came."
  • Check it out, who needs to be in Vegas to turn $2 into $350?  FanDuel paid off:

  • Jeff Sullivan at his best: The Season’s Strike-iest Called Balls, So Far - FanGraphs Baseball.  "I’m not here to umpire-shame. I just want to show off some called balls on pitches thrown basically down the heart of the strike zone, because it’s a fun thing to look at while baseball takes a little vacation."
  • Here's a time filler: True Value: A Journey Through a Box of Baseball Cards (Part 2) – The Hardball Times.  "I had retrieved the box from a boyhood closet, where cards by the thousands had languished for consecutive decades. Now it sat like a treasure chest in the middle of a hardwood floor. Midway through the collection, and still eager to find the older and more valuable cards that I presumed were at the bottom of the box, I began to organize the cards in categories – not in objective categories such as Hall of Famers and All-Stars, but categories I created."
  • And for those of you missing some numbers;  JAVIER: Introducing a prospect evaluation system for hitters - Beyond the Box Score.  "And z-scores are what this is built on. I find the zBB%, zK%, and zISO for each season from each minor league hitter since 1978, then find comparable seasons from each of these. The averages in the z calculations are based on the league as well as the level. This helps with the run environment problems mentioned earlier."

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