Meaning of the Angels hand signal?

woot - Patrick Smith

This is my first Angels fan post and I try not to pretend like I know too much about baseball. I love the Angels and I watch as many games as I can but many of you on this site have enlightened me regarding the intricacies of this sport and team we all love. So I apologize if this has been talked about but I have been wondering about this for a while. If it has been talked about before kindly inform me and I'll remove the post.

Living in New Mexico I can only make it to a few games a year so I'm relegated to my recliner for the remaining games. The broadcast usually focuses in on a player after he gets a hit and I've noticed the Angels players making an o-shaped or halo hand signal when they get on base.

MonkeyWithAHalo, another Angels blog did an article about it in early June and they Alden Gonzalez in the article claiming that the signal was a team secret. However, Mark Gubicza apparently heard that it was a symbol for togetherness. Interesting that it was a "clubhouse" thing in early June but then it was announced one week later. Maybe it does mean togetherness or maybe they gave the stereotypical answer but inside the clubhouse it means something completely different. Maybe it's a sign for UFOs to begin an invasion of Oakland.

Other opinions have mentioned "O" for October baseball, a halo, or even just a signal for the "O"fennse to rally and score runs. The GIF is also on the MonkeyWithAHalo article, no copyright infringement intended.



I personally like the October idea because, selfishly as a fan, I want to see this team play until mid fall. However, I've only seen it done on the offensive half of the innings. I haven't seen pitchers or players while they're playing defense give the signal, so maybe it has to do with offense. I have no clue!

So I was wondering what your thoughts are. Enlighten me! Maybe some of you have heard something else. I'd love to hear ideas. Thanks for reading my first Angels fan post! Here's to a great 2nd half of baseball and a long playoff run! Go Angels!

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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