Jersey Numbers

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #36


Angels Uniform #36 1962 - 64: Bo Belinsky1969 - 71: Manager Lefty Phillips1972 - 76: Leroy Stanton1978: Al Fitzsimmons1979: Mike Barlow1980: Dan Whitmer1983, 84: Steve Brown1985: Bob Kipper and...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #37


Angels Uniform #37 1961 - 65: Ken McBride 1967: Jorge Rubio 1968: Bob Heffner 1969: Bob Chance 1970: Dave LaRoche 1971, 72: John Stephenson 1974, 75: Ed Figueroa 1976, 77: Manager Norm Sherry 1978...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #38


Angels Uniform #38 1964, 65: Aubrey Gatewood1966 – 73: Clyde Wright1974: Bill Gilbreth1975: Dan Briggs1976: Tim Nordbrook1977: Gary Nolan1978: Tom Griffin1979, 80: Mark Clear1981 – 85: Geoff Zahn1...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #39


Angels Uniform #39 1961: Ron Moeller1962: Joe Nuxhall and Ed Kirkpatrick1963: Bob Turley1964 - 66: Bob Lee1967: Ken Turner1968: Tom Burgmeier1969: Hoyt Wilhelm1969, 70: Wally Wolf1970: Steve...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #40


Angels Uniform #40 1961: Jerry Casale and Jim Donohue1962: Jim Donohue and Dan Osinski1963, 64: Dan Osinski1965: Rudy May1969: Ken Tatum and Bob Priddy and Lloyd Allen1973 – 80: Frank Tanana1981 –...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #41


Angels Uniform #41 1961: Ron Kline1961 – 64: Jack Spring1964: Bob Meyer1966: Dick Egan1966, 67: Bill Kelso1968 – 72: Tom Murphy1972: Don Rose1973: Aurelio Monteagudo1974: Skip Lockwood1975:...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #42



ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #43


Angels Uniform #43 1961, 62: Ted Bowsfield1963: Mel Nelson1964 – 68: George Brunet1969: George Brunet and Steve Kealey1970: Greg Garret1971: Jim Maloney1975, 76: Sid Monge1977: Sid Monge and T...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #44


Angels Uniform #44 1965: Julio Gotay1967 - 69, 71, 72: Rickey Clark1970: Doug Griffin1974: Luis Quintana1975: Luis Quintana and Joe Pactwa1976: Mike Overy1977: Carlos May1980: Bob Ferris1981: M...

ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #45


Angels Uniform #45 1963: Ron Moeller and Bob Duliba1964: Bob Duliba1965 – 69: Jim McGlothlin1971: Billy Wynne1973: Ron Perranoski1974: Chuck Dobson1976 – 78: Paul Hartzell1979: Bob Ferris1980:...

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