Top 100 Angels (2005)

The 100 Greatest Angels: #37 Leon Wagner

#37 - Leon Wagner, OF Career Stats He had 451 hits in 442 games as an Angel, but it was the 91 homers that gave Leon Wagner his fame and the young Los Angeles Angels of Avalon (Boulevard,...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #38 Kirk McCaskill

38 - Kirk McCaskill, RH SP Career Stats Kirk gets overlooked a bit, so it might be a surprise to see his name among the Top 40. He ranks 31st in Win Shares in franchise history, so this is a...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #39 Devon White

#39 - Devon White, OF Career Stats Arriving just in time to be a backup part of the bittersweet 1986 season, Devon White was a fabulous defensive outfielder and baserunner who had just enough...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #40 Dave Winfield

#40 - Dave Winfield, OF/DH Career Stats Dave Winfield's career mimicked two other baseball greats who landed in Anaheim at the tail ends of triumphant careers: Frank Robinson and Bobby Bonds....

The 100 Greatest Angels: #41 Fred Lynn

#41 - Fred Lynn, OF Career Stats Poem for Fred Lynn(with apologies to the Scorebard) When I made the Top 100 Angels list I didn't want to make people pissed I had guys like you in mind Players...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #42 Bartolo Colon

#42 - Bartolo Colon, RH SP Career Stats Consider Bartolo Colon's 2005 Cy Young season in Angel lore: Tied with Nolan Ryan for 3rd place in wins (21) 4th place Winning % (.724) 1.74 Walks per 9...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #43 Jim Abbott

#43 - Jim Abbott, LH SP Career Stats Few stories in baseball history are as inspiring as that of Jim Abbott. Born with a stub for a right hand, he never spent a day in the minor leagues, going...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #44 Bobby Knoop

#44 - Bobby Knoop, 2B Career Stats Growing up in the 1970s, no Angels infielder was spared comparison to the great Bobby Knoop. Even now there are occasions on which longtime Angel fans fed a...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #45 Geoff Zahn

#45 - Geoff Zahn, LH SP Career Stats Without Geoff Zahn, the 1982 Angels don't win the A.L. Western Division. Lefty Zahn led the staff with 18 wins. He was just a smidgen better than Ken Forsch...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #46 Gene Autry

#46 - Gene Autry, Owner Gene Autry built up a lifetime of goodwill with all of the things he did for the Angels. But he is #46 on this list for two deficiencies: 1. He could not seem to pick a...

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