Team Lore

Alberto Callaspo Angels Walkup Music (in a perfect world)

Maybe Alberto Callaspo needs some At-Bat music that lets out the frustration of being ignored by management and fans alike.

Mark Trumbo Angels Walkup Music (in a perfect world)

Would Mark Trumbo benefit from Eric Burdon howling a plea for understanding as he stepped to the plate? Do Angels fans need the Animals to make them realize Trumbo's intentions are good?

Vernon Wells Angels Walkup Music (in a perfect world)

Should Vernon Wells walk up to each At Bat with music that gets the Big A crowd prepared for yet another Pop-Up dragging them down?

Ervin Santana No-Hitter •Angels 2011 Top Eleven #2

Ervin Santana Threw a No-Hitter against the Indians on July 27, 2011. It was the #2 highlight for the year for the Angels.

Mark Trumbo Walkoff HR •Angels 2011 Top Eleven #3

The August 18 come from behind walkoff HR by Mark Trumbo gave the Angels a whole extra month of meaningful baseball. It is the #3 moment of the year in our 2011 countdown.

Jered Weaver Signs Extension •Angels 2011 Top Eleven #4

Jered Weaver's August Contract Extension ranks #4 in our Best Angels Moments of 2011 Countdown.

Archive Fever: Walkin' Down Angels Memory Lame

I can brag now that Five Years Ago Today, I (LINK) was still griping about the Angels acquiring Shea Hillenbrand... and then I had a (LINK) really stupid trade idea that fortunately never happened. ...

Dan Haren 1-Hitter •Angels 2011 Top Eleven #5

The Cleveland Indians were the hottest team in baseball ten games into the 2011 season but on April 12, Dan Haren threw 125 pitches, struck out 8, walked 2 and only allowed one hit in a two hour,...

Motor City Head Hunt & Bunt •Angels Top 2011 Moments #6

Jered Weaver showing his contempt for Carlos Guillen's showboating and Erick Aybar standing up to Justin Verlander's selfishness defined an Angels team bent on winning with class.

Angels Seniority

As it stands today. Maicer Izturis, Ervin Santana. 7 Seasons Jered Weaver, Howie Kendrick, Erick Aybar. 6 Seasons Rich Thompson. 5 Seasons Torii Hunter, Kevin Jepsen, Bobby Wilson. 4 Seasons Boby...

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