Salt Lake Bee's 2012 Roster

Notable players here are Kole Calhoun who makes the jump straight to AAA (probably with Jeremy Moore out, it makes sense.) Mike Trout of course. Garret Richards, and the Hamburglar himself, Paul "Big Mac" McAnulty. I guess there are still 3 rosters spots open, so expect a few more to join them.

Seattle and Oakland Tied For 1st

Damn! That's hard to figure, especially since they're still playing spring training games. But, hey! They're close to tied for 1st in spring training games, too. Is this an omen?.....with Texas pretty close to the bottom of the heap? (Hamilton's tes.....groin is hurting). Say what you will. I wouldn't be happy if the Angels' record were 12-17 in spring training.

Jerome Williams to pitch on Opening Day for I.E. 66ers

First pitch for the Angels high-A minor league team is this Thursday, April 5, at 7:05 PM. They will open on the road against the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. I'm rooting for the guy to earn a spot on the 25 man roster if he rebounds.

Angel Stadium Featuring Deep Fried Hot Dogs

The LA Times wants you to pay for stories that it writes from poaching off website articles about deep fried hot dogs. Fxxx the Times paywall, we will keep linking to the original stories here at Halos Heaven.

Votto signs largest non FA deal ever with Reds

Nightengale "Joey Votto's $225 million contract is easily largest in #MLB history for player who wasn't a free agent. It will kick in for 2014 season." Bad day for Dodgers. Lose the possibility of Cain and Votto.

Top 100 Prospect List: 3 Angels Make the Cut

The link goes to the entire Buried Treasure top 100 list. The list includes 3 Angels prospects. The player's names link to a short scouting report/placement explanation. #1 Mike Trout #45 Jean Segura #53 Garrett Richards

Hell no...Abreu won't go

The Angels' deal to trade Bobby Abreu to the Indians fell apart due to salary concerns, a source familiar with the talks told Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times. Cleveland wanted the veteran slugger but the two sides couldn't agree upon how much of his $9MM salary they would assume.

Game of Thrones Characters as MLB Franchises

LA Angels are Varys Varys is a vital member of the King's Small Council. He is a master of disguise, known by many names and always seems to be smack dab in the middle of King's Landing drama. The Angels are one the league's wealthiest teams and extremely influential in free agency. They have worn a variety of uniforms, gone by many names and always seem to be in the thick of the AL West race.

Burned! I like this guy.


Burned! I like this guy.


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