Cafardo tweets that Kendrys could be back for 2014

If the Mariners can't re-sign Kendrys Morales don't be shocked to see an Angels reunion with the FA Dh/1b

The quote is a tweet from Nick Cafardo--it is always possible to trade Trumbo, of course, or to trade Bourjos and move Trumbo to the OF, but right now it seems we have bagged the legal limit on slow-footed 1B/DH types. And really, is this team's biggest need to sign another Free Agent, especially if the path involves trading away cost-controlled players?

Pujols and Hunter almost fought in 2012

Today is apparently the day for big scathing articles on the Angels. Tensions nearly tore the team apart last season. Meanwhile Arte has been making some pretty questionable baseball decisions. Things are falling apart all around us.

The Game That Would Not End

We were lucky enough to escape Tuesday night while the Angels were still alive... pics from the 1-1 tie we LEFT.

Photo help


I have tons of Coke Rewards points and am moving into a new place soon so I'd like to make a photo canvas of the front of the Big A. The problem is 1) I can't make it out this year 2) lots of the photos suck on google images. I am looking for a photo like above the front of Anaheim Stadium with the hats and the "welcome" sign. Can you help please? THANKS O by the way, my adventure is baseball is over after two successive internships (one in MLB, other in MiLB) to quote Bender "I'm back baby"

Arte Moreno Speaks on Angels' Future

A good in-depth interview with Arte regarding the future of Scioscia, Dipoto and the stadium lease. Also discusses the recent FA signings, the team's early season problems, and what he thinks need to be done to get over that hump.

Scioscia throws Trout under the bus in MVP discussion

The Halos' fearless leader believes team performance to be incredibly important to winning an award recognizing individual greatness in a given season.

Yankees Great Chad Curtis Now a Convicted Fondler

One of the red-assest clubhouse cancers in baseball history wanted to stroke your daughter and will now be grabbing Bubba's shower soap for a decade...

Ugliest Athletes of All Time

Can you guess which two former Angels made the list? I'll give you a hint, they're both still pitching on MLB teams.

New Angels manager?

Charlie Manuel looks to be on his way out. Should the Soth be worried?


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