A stab in the back is good for you, Selig says


I don't know how MLB thinks tired slogans in favor of stadium development can even cut it as propaganda any more. Selig will be gone when the Angels' lease comes up for renewal in 2016, but I'm expecting a new boss just like the old boss. Who would Arte rather fight: the city, or the commissioner?

HK-47 signing autographs today in Seal Beach


Los Angeles Angels Howie Kendrick To Sign Autographs At Seal Beach AT&T Retail Store Today, Saturday, Aug 14 11:30a to 1:00p at Seal Beach AT&T Store, Seal Beach, CA On Sat., August 14, Los Angeles Angels second baseman Howie Kendrick will be at the Seal Beach AT&T Store signing autographs and taking pictures with area residents and fans.

Baseball Beginnings looks at the Angels' 2010 draft


DRAFT STRATEGY: The Angels love high school players, and so do I, but you have to take the risk to get the reward and be very patient. The Angels went for tools in the money rounds – power bat (Kaleb Cowart), power arm (Cam Bedrosian), middle infielder with offense (Taylor Lindsey) and speed-power combos (Chevez Clarke and Ryan Bolden) . . . .

poor kid. hope he is alright


poor kid. hope he is alright

Jose Guillen is NUTS!


Summary of the last paragraph of an article about his trade to the Giants: "Guillen struggled with injuries in Kansas City... he was out for weeks after a knee injury sustained while putting on a shin guard and missed several days of 2009 spring training after deciding to rip out an ingrown toenail with a pair of pliers."

KTLA: Judge Keeps Gallo Murder Charge


Justice for Nick, Courtney and Henry is on the way...

Papsmear Fails Lackey


After pitching 8 innings of 3 run ball, Lackey came in to the 9th and quickly gave up a lead-off HR. Sphincter Lips then came in to protect the 2 run lead only to give up 3 more runs to cap a Toronto comeback, making his motivational gym workout video longer than the director's cut of Gone With The Wind. I wonder if Lackey was upset he didn't get the W, or if he is taking the high road and understands baseball is a team sport and these things happen. Either way, I guess now he knows it isn't only his former team that can let him down, but rather life in general.

Mike Trout Voted Best Hitting Prospect By Midwest League Managers


Trout also earned Best Baserunner, Fastest Baserunner, Best Defensive Outfielder, and Most Exciting Player of the Midwest League honors. Surprisingly, Jean Segura is the only other Angels' prospect to appear in the rankings -- he gets the skippers' nod for his defense at second base, a positive development since he received average reviews in 2009. None of the Cedar Rapids pitchers receive any love.

Revised Baseball Team Logos


The Angels logo is unfortunately spot-on.

Peter Bourjos Voted Pacific Coast League's Most Exciting Player


Every year, Baseball America organizes a managers' vote for best tools in each of the minor leagues. The skippers not only voted Peter Bourjos the PCL's most exciting player, but also Best Baserunner, Fastest Baserunner and Best Defensive Outfielder. Bourjos wasn't the only Halos' prospect to attract attention. Alexia Amarista was voted best defensive second baseman in both the California and the Texas Leagues. Cal League managers also voted Tyler Chatwood's fastball the best in the league, Chatwood the best overall pitching prospect, and Tyson Auer the best baserunner. Texas League managers voted Jordan Walden's fastball tops in the league, and Efren Navarro and Austin Romine best defenders at their respective positions. All in all, not a bad showing. Baseball America should publish the results of Midwest League voting today, which likely will deserve its own post. Baseball America continues to deliver the most complete, broad coverage of the minor leagues. These features provide the very best information available for contextualizing the development of Angels' prospects within the broader baseball world.

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