Pollo Loco Closes Too Early to Advertise on Angels Games


Pollo Loco has commercials on Angels games, I pull up at about 10:45 PM after Monday's game and they close at 10:30 PM. If you advertise food on TV late, you really should stay open late. I got the wife dinner to go at a Norms - they advertise late and are open 24 hours. That is how it should be. Stick to Day Games Pollo Loco.

Trevor Cahill Available?


Just got DFA'd by the Diamondbacks. He's still pretty young--might be worth taking a flyer on and sticking down in AAA to figure things out--especially if Arizona is paying the bill.

Bobby Grich's Best Years as an Angel Compared to Other Second Basemen of the Era


An interesting second part of a two part article which compares Grich's peak years as an Orioles and as an Angel against other second basemen of the era

Oakland Meet Up?


I'll be at the game tomorrow night in Oakland. Anyone from HH attending?

What Happened to Mike Trout's Swing


Saw this on Deadspin. Pretty interesting.

Autograph ID Help


I don't know quite how to include more than one image in the fanshot, so I have a few below in the comments. Anyway, I found this ball recently while at my dad's place, and I know it's from ~1999 spring training when I was 12. A lot of these guys are probably not exactly big names, but if anyone can help me identify some of the names on this ball I'd really appreciate the help. I recognize for certain: Charlie O'Brien (the name in Sharpie, who I recognize because I also got him when I was 7 years old when he was a New York Met), Mark Petkovsek (the name directly below the Angel logo on the ball), and Mike Fyhrie (the bottom autograph on the side with four signatures). Thanks guys.

Fielder injured


The part that caught my eye: "Daniels said neither Fielder nor Ian Kinsler, who was dealt to Detroit in the trade, took physicals as part of the transaction." Really? Taking on $168 million and no physical prior to deal. I though physicals were standard as part of a trade.

The risk of drafting high school pitchers....


Interesting read from Gammons, especially given the "epidemic" of TJ surgery occurring this season.

Arte Moreno among 7-member committee to oversee succession process for next baseball commissioner


Arte's one of the seven on the committee to help choose who's going to replace Selig.

Mega contract extension hasn't changed Trout on, off field


A nice change from the "Trout strikes out too much" articles that ESPN and Fangraphs have been posting

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