Doug DeCinces indicted for insider trading


An Angels great heads toward the Martha Stewart side of things...

Angels 1981 Union Rep on Marvin Miller


Pitcher John D'Acquisto reminisces about Marvin Miller and working with Don Baylor and the Angels players on the 1981 strike.

Halos out on Greinke


As always, consider the source...but this sounds right. Dodgers having insane money and guys like Hamels, Cain and Kuroda going off the market just made this too crazy of a bidding war to try and win. Sucks to see him go, but I imagine his final contract will confirm that it was not conducive to maintaining a healthy amount of payroll flexibility going forward.

Two stories on a collision course


The headline above is the first. It may be behind a paywall for some of you, but here is the gist: "Now comes word the Dodgers are talking to Fox about retaining its media rights package for at least $6 billion, maybe $7 billion." To put it in perspective, that would be twice the contract the Angels signed with Fox Sports West. It works out to over $1M per game for the Dodgers. And here is the other: So Team Greinke is predicting a contract which will be less than only Sabathia's, and the Dodgers are on the cusp of a television contract second only to the revenue the Yankees derive from YES. I think Dipoto is already on Plan B.

Angels interested in Madson


Interesting, might become too expensive but I would love this move

Quick Jerry! Offer Vernon to Boston!


The Red Sox need an outfielder and Fenway might be a park that would revitalize Vernon's career. We need some relievers and BOS seems to have a fair amount of cheap, young arms. So how about we eat most of Vernon's contract and Boston gives us Craig Breslow? Looks like he'll be cheap for another season, then becomes a FA.

Scratch Kuroda off the Angels' shopping list


Apparently he has signed with the Yankees for $15M over 1 year, with $1M in performance bonuses. Under the circumstances, I think I might be glad we didn't make that deal.

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