Will you go RED for the PLAYOFFS?!


This year, the Angels are really pushing the RED angle in their marketing. It's working. The team is making a strong push for the playoffs. If they make it into the post season, even a one game playoff, I am going to dye my hair RED. Does anyone else want to make the RED pledge? Rev?

Autograph ID Help


I don't know quite how to include more than one image in the fanshot, so I have a few below in the comments. Anyway, I found this ball recently while at my dad's place, and I know it's from ~1999 spring training when I was 12. A lot of these guys are probably not exactly big names, but if anyone can help me identify some of the names on this ball I'd really appreciate the help. I recognize for certain: Charlie O'Brien (the name in Sharpie, who I recognize because I also got him when I was 7 years old when he was a New York Met), Mark Petkovsek (the name directly below the Angel logo on the ball), and Mike Fyhrie (the bottom autograph on the side with four signatures). Thanks guys.

Angels Lineup/Batting Order for Year- Color Coded


I was curious how many lineups/batting order variations the Angels have utilized in the first 35 games of this season, seemed like a lot, because it has been. 32 distinct variations so far, and never using the same order more than twice, have kept the players, fans, opponents, and world guessing, who, bats where, when. Injuries are a big part of it, but match ups (data), tinkering, and a bit of neurosis can't be ruled out. (Fan Data Graphic)

Team News 7/5/14


I know we're a bit short what with injuries and all, but this is a bit much. (Yeah, I put the day before the month, because, you know, it makes sense)

Miggy Cabrera, MVP, in One Screencap


Old-school pundits and umpires know how to "work the count". Bottom of the first, as Miggy "walks", Brian Knight calls balls and strikes behind the plate.

The Games Best Player: Mike Trout


Lookie at what was in my mailbox the other day

Dateline: Los Angeles


Dodgers fans on edge. Angels announce six year deal with Mike Trout. Planet Earth responds by rumbling under their feet.

Golden Calves of LA Sports


Doctors have determined that walking with too much money in your wallet, can cause an uneven gait, putting the back and hips out of alignment, and leads to calf strains. The sports medicine bureau has come up with a name for the condition: "Over Compensitus"

Moondoggy Sighting!


MOONDOGGY stopped by my new high-end wine and beer store in Chinatown to say hello as he passed thru on his way to back to Thailand. Moondoggy is a longtime Halos Heaven poster who lives on the other side of the world and posts in the Game Thread in the morning from a tropical paradise. If you are in L.A. stop by LING'S MARKET and say Hello - great selection of wine and craft beer and Belgian ale, but sorry CUPIE, no Pabst. REVIEW LINK: from the Table talk Wine Blog.


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