All Sorts of Moves Today

  1. Hector Santiago to the Bullpen
  2. Efren Navarro up to the Big Leagues and playing LF
  3. Sean Burnett starting rehab assignment tomorrow at Arkansas
  4. Nick Maronde sent back down
  5. No Papa Sosh for the next two games with Dino taking over

Angels Lineup for Opening Day!

  1. Aybar SS
  2. Kendrick 2B
  3. Pujols 1B
  4. Hunter RF
  5. Wells LF, Morales DH, Trumbo 3B, Iannetta C, Bourjos CF

Five Halos Heaven Jokes That Need to Die *Updated

  1. Anything regarding Granderson's availability
  2. GA being lazy
  3. Racist and Imposter references
  4. Should have been a fan shot
  5. Reagins winter meeting jokes

Top 5 Things you want Arte to do when the 2011 season mercifully ends

  1. Tony Reagins will not return in 2012
  2. Andrew Freidman will be the President of Baseball Operations and GM
  3. Jeff Mathis has been released
  4. He will release underperforming players already under contract regardless of the financial impact.
  5. He has learned from prior mistakes and will not let them occur again on his watch

Jeff Mathis Question: Are there metrics/stats that articulate these concepts?

  1. Has #5 reached a statistical point where the Angels are batting a man short/conceding the at-bat as an out?
  2. If not, when would that milestone/threshold occur?
  3. If so, what is the cumulative impact over games (Is this expressed in runs or wins?)
  4. What would the most basic replacement catcher provide as a net positive?
  5. Are forward/slashes cool?

Rookies and Newbies: A Mother's Day List

  1. Dan Haren: 56 Ks vs 8 BBs in 57.2 IP
  2. Peter Bourjos: .816 OPS
  3. Hank Conger: .854 OPS
  4. Mark Trumbo: .804 OPS
  5. Jordan Walden: 2.20 ERA, 17 games, 101 MPH, no HRs allowed

the 5 Former Angels free agents still unsigned in order of best value sign to bring back

  1. Vladimir Guerrero DH
  2. Bengie Molina C
  3. Jim Edmonds
  4. Jarrod 'washburn
  5. Orlando Cabrera

Thursday 11:30 AM LIVE Halos Heaven NetRadio Show

  1. Free Agent Musings
  2. Special Guest!
  3. Probably will get some digs at Mark Whicker in
  4. Playoff analysis
  5. Your Phone Calls to talk Angels Baseball ! ! ! !

Things to Do on Angels Off Days (Updated)

  1. Hide the "honey do" list
  2. Try to find hidden messages from God in the box scores
  3. Build something in your garage
  4. Locate first aid kit after failed build attempt
  5. Watch Greys Anatomy with the wife. Lie to friends that you watch it the day after.

Top 5 Things To Do on the Angels Off Day

  1. Refill 50-pound pet food dispenser - that'll hold 'em until the 27th.
  2. Call Mom, wish her a Happy Mother's Day
  3. Pray the ESPN game isn't Yankees - Red Sox
  4. Wait anxiously for 12:01 to make a pre-game pick
  5. Give thanks that for SURE the Angels won't lose a game tonight.

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