Game 022 - ANGELS @ YANKEES For 3- Pregame Picks

Angels (Wilson) @ Yankees (Kuroda) - 4.05PM

Game 021 - Wrap up the Nationals Series - Pregame

Angels (Weaver) @ Nationals (Gonzalez) - 4.05PM

Game 020 - Angels @ Nationals Part 2 - Pregame Pic

Angels (Skaggs) @ Nationals (Jordan) - 4.05PM

East Coast Week Begins In Washington

Before the Angels can make it back home, there are still two road series to be played. This is the third of the trip, against the Washington Nationals. Great TV considering two of the games youngest AND best players take the field.

Game 019 - Angels @ Nationals Pregame Picks

Angels (Richards) @ Nationals (Roark) - 4.05PM

Week 3 - Pregame Picks Results

Who grabbed the top spot for the week? Who is leading overall?

Game018 - Sunday Morning Detroit Pregame Picks

Angels (Santiago) @ Tigers (Porcello) - 10.08AM

Game 017 - Saturday Morning Baseball @ Detroit

10:08 AM Start Time! Get up early

Game 016 - Angels in Detroit for 3 - Pregame Picks

Angels (Weaver) @ Tigers (Smyly) - 4.08PM

Angels Have Motor City Meeting This Weekend

Mike Trout and Albert Pujols are heading into Detroit to show Miguel Cabrera how to do things in 2014.


Game 015 - As Series Wrapup - Pregame Picks

A's (Milone) @ Angels (Skaggs) - 7.05PM

Game 014 - As @ Angels Pregame Picks

A's (Straily) @ Angels (Richards) - 7.05PM

Western Showdown: Halos Host A's

After Sunday's offensive explosion against the Mets, the Angles stay home for anther series and host the American League West's first place team, the A's.

Game 013 - A's in Anaheim for 3 - Pregame Picks

A's (Chavez) @ Angels (Santiago) - 7.05PM

Week 02 Pregame Picks Results

Find out where you stand in the Pregame Picks race!

Game 012 - Sunday Afternoon vs Mets - Pregame Pick

12.35PM start time!

Game 011 - Saturday Evening with the Mets - Pregam

Niese vs Weaver @ 6.05PM Tonight!

Halos Host Mets This Weekend

The Mets carry Bartolo Colon into The Big A for a weekend series with the Halos. Tyler Skaggs gets back to the mound and Jered Weaver seeks to rebound after being disappointing this season.

Game 010 - NY Mets @ Angels for 3! Pregame Picks

7.05 Start Time! Gee vs Skaggs!

Pregame Picks Results Catchup!

See how you've fared in the pregame picks thusfar!

Game 009 - Goodbye Seattle Pregame Picks

Day off tomorrow after tonight's 7.10PM Game in Seattle!

Quick Stop in Seattle

Before heading back home from Houston, the Angels go north to the Emerald City for a two game set with the Mariners, where Robinson Cano will get his home debut.

Game 008 - In For 2 In Seattle Pregame Picks!

7:10PM Start Time!

Monday Afternoon Pregame Picks!

Angels (Wilson) @ Astros (Cosart) - 11.10 AM

Game 006 - Sunday Afternoon Baseball Pregame Picks

11:10AM Start time today!

Game 005 - Saturday Evening in Texas Pregame Picks

4.10 PM Start time this evening!

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