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1999: Bobby Jones blasts, Franco gets 400

In part two of our 1999 retrospective, Bobby Jones goes deep on opening day, Shea renovations are undone by faulty plumbing, and John Franco earns save number 400.

1999: Steve spends, Rickey runs, Piazza plummets

Join us on our first weekly look back on the 1999 Mets, wherein Steve Philips spends madly, Rickey Henderson runs wild, and everyone gets hurt.

When the Wilpons met the Dolans

Back in 1999, the Mets were almost bought by Cablevision. Would they be any worse off than they are today?

WWE Makes Right Decision To Go 'Over The Edge'

WWE Network has made the right decision by choosing to include the 1999 "Over the Edge" pay-per-view (PPV), an event marred by the untimely death of Owen Hart, who fell from the rafters prior to his match against The Godfather.

Q&A with Steve Reynolds of Zisk Magazine

Since 1999, Zisk Magazine has stuck to the DIY ethos of zine culture to produce one of the best baseball magazines there is. Co-editor Steve Reynolds talked to AA about making a great print pub in the digital age.

Profiles in craziness: The Matt Franco Game

When it comes to the Subway Series, the 1999 Matt Franco Game still reigns supreme.

Undertaker & Stephanie McMahon's unholy wedding

Undertaker abducts Stephanie McMahon at 'Backlash 1999' on this date in WWE history, and planned to marry her in the middle of the ring on 'Raw'. That's before Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up to crash the party.

The Event Horizon of Chipper Jones Hate

Chipper Jones earned the hatred of Mets fans in a concentrated mix of performance and heel move that distorted our perceptions of him forever after.

It's Hard To Believe The Super Bowl Used To Suck

We're now a full week removed from Super Bowl XLVI, but before we bury the NFL season, there's one final note that needs to be made, and that's that this generation has been unbelievably lucky when...

To Hate Like This: Armando Benitez

Armando Benitez is possibly the most hated Mets pitcher ever. Should he be?

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