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Ducks Gameday: 8 Years is a Pretty Long Time


In honor of Getlzaf's and Perry's new 8-year contract extensions, we take a look back at what was happening in 2005

This Date in Angels Postseason History: October 5


This is the date in history that the Angels won their first ever postseason game.

100 Days of MSU Football - Day 34


100 Days of MSU Football - Day 34 As we've mentioned once or maybe 1,564,398 times before, not much went right during the Croom era. But on November 26, 2005, in the second season of the Croom...

What if ... '02's Utes do just enough?


What if...Ron McBride made it through the 2002 season? No Urban Meyer, Kyle Whittingham might be coaching the Cougars and Utah could still be in the Mountain West - without BYU or TCU.

Dominance Ranking, 1999-2010


We've got twelve years' data now for the Dominance Ranking. In that span, the most dominant team is... Boise State. The Broncos' top finish (fifth year in a row in the top five-- the best such...


Blasts from the Past: Oops Edition

I feel kinda bad about ragging on an esteemed DRaysBay staffer over a column he wrote praising David Price right before King Velociraptor Jesus went out this week and took a couple of dumps on the...

Good Hands Roadside Rivalry Road Trip: An Icy Trip To Boston College For The Cavaliers


The first Virginia road game I attended was against Michigan at the Big House in 1995. I'm not sure that counts, though. The "road trip" was a mile walk from my parents' house to the stadium, I...

2005 and 2009: Colt and Vince


Dr. Saturday writes about our upcoming season and the parallels between 2009 and 2005. He believes that while Colt is incredible, he cannot lift the team quite like Vince could and needs more help. In that regard, I agree.

Opening Night


The 2005-06 NHL Opens tonight at the St. Pete Times Forum. It's a year in the making, as we recap the road that all had to travel to get here, and what lies ahead.

All Dressed Up ...


A look back at the 2005 Sugar Bowl, featuring Auburn and Virginia Tech

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