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Texans History: BRB Reacts To J.J. Watt Pick


"You have to be stupid, drunk or high, to pass up quinn and get watt. MORONS!!!! WE SUCK AGAIN!"


Interesting Research on the NBA lockout

Did you support the players or the owners in the lockout? What do you think of the deal they ended up striking? How do you feel about the new rules, like the mini-midlevel exception? I want to...

100 Days of MSU Football - Day 31


We continue our 100 Days of MSU Football series with Day 31 - a look at the 2011 Egg Bowl, that State won handily 31-3

All tags Related: Japan men's soccer team flies business class, women stuck in economy


Excuse me, I'm restraining use of about twenty different expletives to tell you that Homare Sawa, a World Champion, is right in this article. How are the under-23 male soccer players more "professional" than Nadeshiko, the fucking world cup champions?! Someone submitted this to my blog on male privilege and I posted a response text that I stand by. http://aboutmaleprivilege.tumblr.com/post/27566919309/male-privilege-is-when-your-world-class-soccer if you want to see me eat a seal in fury.


These were a few of my favorite things (fink reminisces about the 2011 regular season)

At the end of the season, I planned on putting together a top-10 list of my favorite moments from the year. I never got around to it, but since spring training is nearly upon us, here's a hastily...

Best of Arian Foster 2011 (Video)


Can you imagine what this guy could've done if he had been healthy the entire season?

Mel Kiper Regrades The Redskins' 2011 Draft Class


Mel Kiper gives updated analysis on the Redskins draft after the QB prospects have not impressed.

November 2011 MMA Recap: UFC On Fox Gets 8.8 Million Viewers, Forrest Griffin Controversy, Hendo Vs. Shogun Classic


8.8 million people watched the UFC on Fox main event, Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua put on a classic and Forrest Griffin erred on Twitter: all part of a busy November 2011 in MMA.


2011 in Review - Knockouts of the Year

Links to some of the top boxing knockouts of 2011.

September 2011 MMA Recap: Nick Diaz Booted From Title Match, UFC On Fox Main Event Announced


Nick Diaz was the main newsmaker in September 2011, getting pulled from a fight with Georges St. Pierre and put against B.J. Penn instead. Here's what else made news in September 2011.

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