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C. J. Wilson Buys Auto Dealership


Would you buy a car from this guy? C.J. has just completed the purchase of a Chicago area Mazda dealership. He is also connected to Mazda through C.J. Wilson Racing that races Mazda vehicles exclusively.

If the Angels Season Started April 28...


If the Angels season started the date of Mike Trout's 2012 season debut, would they be in first or second behind the Rangers?

Bullpen Help- Ryan Brasier


Greetings from the Arabian Gulf. Could be a long shot but why not bring up Brasier and maybe Mills too? Could help our bullpen. Thoughts?

SI.com Predicts Angels in 2012 - And It's Good


SI.com has predicted the Los Angeles Angels as the team with the best regular-season record, the AL champions, and in a delicious slice of second helpings, champions of baseball over the upstate San Francisco Giants. Also, the Halos stomp the Wild Card survivor Rangers in the first round. What a perfect year that would be. I couldn't ask for better. Except for Albert, Jered, and Trout collecting some well-deserved hardware.

Plunkett @ OCR: "Pitchers Lament Mathis' Departure"


In what I can only describe as a controversial headline hellbent on destroying the "destructobeam," fishwrap expert Bill Plunkett discusses the Mathis-conundrum. Notice the headline in the hard copy on Sunday linked here at my photobucket site: "Pitchers Lament Mathis' Departure" differs from the one that appeared in the on-line version: "Iannetta catching on at key position for Angels"

How Vernon Wells Can Help the Angels


It's behind the ESPN Insider paywall, but if you're a subscriber (what? I got it for free with some promotion), it's a good article by FanGraphs' Dayn Perry about how a smart, modern team would use Wells for what he's good at, and not set him up to fail by repeating last year. It is my hope that DiPoto will be the kind of GM to encourage this type of thinking and strategy, instead of letting Scoscia do What Has Always Been Done all the time.

Reds fans discuss trade with us


Reds fans banter about sending us an awesome package and rock out to Prince too

Angels trade options: Offense or pitching?


If the Angels make a move, will they target their weak offense or bolster their pitching staff?

Sam Miller, OCR: Assessing Vernon Wells’ season so far


With his hallmark thoroughness - spray charts and the works - Sam sketches up six ways to look at Vernon Wells' season so far. Plenty of Millerisms included, not the least of which is this: "Last year, Vernon Wells hit .224/.299/.400 away from Rogers Centre. This year, away from Rogers Centre — which is to say, his entire season — Wells is hitting .222/.248/.409. Why, those are virtually the same! I have no idea if this is significant, but it is definitely one way of assessing Vernon Wells’ season".

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