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The Final Word (updated with ROR signing!)

We're all sick of hearing about Ryan O'Reilly, right? Ryan's a greedy asshole, the Avs are cheap asses, etc., etc., etc. Well, ladies and gents, the data we need to call this one is finally here....

Ruling expected in Rousey vs management


The UFC women's Bantamweight champ and her management company are in a legal battle that took them before the California State Athletic Commission yesterday. A ruling is expected this week.

Saves Are Distorting Arbitration Salaries


Closers are receiving inflated salaries in arbitration but some teams can and should take advantage of the situation by keeping young pitchers out of the ninth inning

Richard Bachman And Mark Fistric File For Arbitration


Both players are likely looking for a raise and a bit of protection from a training camp position battle.

Habs File For Arbitration With Price

The Canadiens have announced that they've elected to file for arbitration with netminder Carey Price.

The Lost Milbury Files: Tommy Salo


Looking back at Tommy Salo, possibly the best New York Islanders goalie of the 1990s and another example of Mike Milbury asset mismanagement.

Pirates, Casey McGehee Avoid Arbitration


McGehee had asked for $2.725MM, and the Pirates countered with a $2.35MM offer. No word on the exact terms yet. Looks like arbitration is all wrapped up for the year, time for spring training!

David Ortiz Arbitration Hearing Scheduled For Monday


Courtesy of Alex Speier, we now know the deadline for David Ortiz and the Red Sox to either settle or let an arbiter decide his 2012 salary.

Aribtration guesses


MLB Trade Rumors did something right, providing educated guesses for arbitration figures for Indians and others. I plugged in their guesses to info at Cot's, and if they're right then our payroll would be at about $62 million, which would give us ample room for a big-name signing.

Blue Jays offer arbitration to Kelly Johnson, Frank Francisco, Jose Molina, and Jon Rauch. Did not offer to Shawn Camp.


Just a minute before the midnight deadline to offer arbitration to their own article XX (B) free agents, the Toronto Blue Jays announced that they have made offers to Kelly Johnson (type-A), Frank Francisco (type-B), Jose Molina (B), and Jon Rauch (B). Shawn Camp (type-B) was not offered arbitration. An offer of arbitration means that the Jays are prepared to offer the players at least a one-year non-guaranteed contract. The player may choose to decline the offer, and it will make him a free agent and able to sign with any other team. The Jays will receive a supplementary draft pick for all of them if they do sign elsewhere. Under the new CBA's "transition" rules for this offseason, Kelly Johnson was classified as a "modified type-A" free agent. The Jays will receive a first round pick directly above the signing team's pick unless Johnson signs with a team with a protected first round pick (HOU, MIN, SEA, BAL, KCR, CHC, SDP, PIT, MIA, COL, OAK, NYM, CWS, CIN, CLE), and in that case the Jays will get to pick before the signing team's second round selection. This means that if all the free agents decline arbitration, the Jays could have up to 7 first round picks in the 2012 Rule 4 Draft (Jays' 1st round, compensation for Tyler Beede, 1st round for Johnson, supplementary round for Johnson, 3 supplementals for the 3 type-B free agents). The Rays had 9 and the Jays had 4 in the 2011 draft.

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