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Louisiana Tech Job Won't Be Open This Season

Michael White did the unthinkable, leading Louisiana Tech out to an impressive start within the WAC before losing its final three games of the season (two in conference and the opening round in the conference tournament). That performance was enough to earn White a contract extension with the Bulldogs, the terms of which won't be released until it is approved by the board.The scary thing here is that White led Louisiana Tech to its best season since a little guy named Karl Malone played there, and this team will be mostly upperclassmen next season. That could spell trouble for Conference USA, where the Bulldogs will be moving in 2013-14.With the best team leaving that conference after this year, there is a lot of opportunity for Louisiana Tech to steal away the title and be dancing next March.

Nuggets, Karl still in limbo

According to the Denver Post Nuggets blog, Karl's contract extension has not been worked out, and he may become on the market during the offseason. Does anybody read FanShots anymore?

Apparently Amare is staying in Phoenix

The Suns may try to sign him to an extension. This is deja vu from 2007 when we almost got Garnett. So sad...

Gavin Floyd Signs Extension - 4/$15.5M

The White Sox signed Gavin Floyd to a four year, $15.5 million contract extension (2009-2012). Club option for 2013 could make it a $25 million deal. This deal covers his final year of near minimum, three years of arbitration eligibility, and the option potentially buys out a year of free agency. Floyd will earn $750,000 in 2009, $2.75 million in 2010, $5 million in 2011 and $7 million in 2012. The option for 2013 is worth $9.5 million. Apparently John Danks turned down the same offer and Carlos Quentin was also approached regarding an extension but declined. According to Joe Cowley, Bobby Jenks has not been approached as of yet. He quotes KW as saying players will be approached in stages as they become eligible for arbitration. Reading between the lines, it seems the White Sox aren't too interested in giving Bobby one considering he's already been arbitration eligible once. More details as they arrive - larry

The deliberate, patient approach to Markakis' contract extension

It's obvious the Orioles are going to pony up and pay Markakis at some point. But the lack of urgency to lock him up right now (and engender some good will) seems to have no real benefit and it could potentially end up annoying Markakis as he watches his peers (like Evan Longoria) have their pre-arbitration years and arbitration years quickly bought out so they can be rewarded with long-term stability. While it's true that the Orioles have plenty of leverage right now, the longer the team waits, the more valuable Markakis becomes. Literally, each day that passes is a day his value goes up. Maybe it's by $100, maybe it's $100,000, but the point is, he isn't getting less expensive the longer you wait. This is a stock that's only going to climb in value over the next 10 years. The fact that the two sides say negotiations are moving very slowly suggests, to me, that they are light years apart and that the Orioles haven't yet decided to get realistic about Markakis' value. When Tampa Bay locked in Longoria for six years at $17 million plus a number of option years even though he'd only played six major league games, it suddenly became the smartest deal in baseball. Amen. I get that Andy likes to take his time, but for once, couldn't we send the right signal and show a marquee player that he is wanted?

Coach Dan Hawkins Signs Extension Through 2012

According to the Daily Camera: CU coach wants longterm deals for assistants Colorado coach Dan Hawkins signed a contract extension with modest pay increases and will be the coach in Boudler through the end of the 2012 season. The new contract became effective July 1 this year and was signed last week. Hawkins will earn $951,720 this season prior to incentives. The new deal includes some changes to his incentive package, including a $50,000 bonus for winning seven games in a season, and a $25,000 bonus for winning eight games. The contract also includes a buyout clause throughout the term of the deal. Hawkins would have to pay CU $1 million if he left the school for another job before the end of the 2009 season. If Hawkins was to fulfill every incentive in his contract in the fourth or fifth year of the deal, he would earn approximately $2.5 million.
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