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Alden: Downs Placed on Bereavement Leave


Bummer for Scott. Our condolences to whomever he lost. Hat tip to mayheminthehood for providing the link to Alden Gonzalez's twitter.

BTB: Ervin Santana's Trouble with the Long Ball (DuPaul)


Nice article by Glenn DuPaul at Beyond the Boxscore. Discusses "good Ervin" and "bad Ervin." The guy is Jeckyll and Hyde, isn't he?

Lineup for 7/29/12 HAS WELLS, NO TROUT


as tweeted by victor Rojas: Izturis 6, Kendrick 4, Pujols 3,Trumbo 9, Morales DH, Callaspo 5, Wells 7, Iannetta 2, Bourjos 8 & Greinke 1 UPDATE: Trout out day to day with a knee contusion as per Eric Kay tweet

Scioscia & "wins above expectancy"


Scioscia is in the top 3 in both wins above WAR & Pythagorean. This is an interesting statistical approach attempting to sort out good managers from bad ones. Pass the lasagna.

Mike Scioscia talks Mike Napoli trade


Scioscia talks the Napoi trade and the Angels GM search, among other things. Sosh says that Napoli's "durability" was the biggest factor in trading him for Mt. Vernon.

The baseball gods agree: Sit Wells and Mathis already


I wrote this last night on a sugar-fueled hate binge. Lady opportunity beckons the Angels, but they refuse to budge.

Grantland Names Angels One of Six Teams "You Don't Want to Face in the Playoffs"


Nice write up by Jonah Keri on how the Scioscia formula (pitching + defense) has been a "secret sauce" for success. Weird to read on the doorstep of our season pretty much ending. If you aren't familiar, Grantland is a new sports & culture site dedicated to long-form journalism and all things sports fan might be into. Some of the regular contributors include Dave Eggers and Chuck Klosterman. It was started by ESPNer Bill Simmons.... but don't let that deter you.

Happy Birthday, Soth!


It was actually on Saturday, but thought I'd give a shout out to MIKE SCIOSCIA on his 52nd birthday.

Scioscia Transformation Thread


Soth has gone from genius to insane seemingly overnight. Bulger and Stokes in a 2-run deficit game? REALLY??????? I'm now labeling those guys "BULGingERa" and "Stinks."

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