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Mike Trout's Ridiculous Encore Performance


A great piece on our very greatest of our time player, Mike Trout. I found this while surfin' the tubes this morning at GRANTLAND this FanPost was inspired from the encouragement from Downing Rules to do so. Thanks Bruh, I was lazy earlier.

Mike Trout is the best Base Runner in MLB


Bloomberg Sports breaks down the best base runners of 2012

The Perfect Catch: Angels Trout turning everybody into believers


Great story, including how the Angels NE scout trusted a friend more than a "small sample size". I'm sure it will be included in tomorrow's Halolinks...I didn't want to wait to get the word out.

First Step to Keeping Trout an Angel?


It's well documented that Mark Teixiera bolted for the Yanks at the request command of his wife. Looks like, based on the tweet of Trout's girlfriend, Angels' fans don't have to worry quite as much about Trout following suit.

Trout and Hunter Named AL Co-Players of the Week


In case you didn't hear, from the official Angels MLB site. Congratulations to Mike and Torii. Stay hot...please.

Just how good is Mike Trout at age 20?


This is a NerdGraphs leaderboard of the results of all 20-year old players from 1900-2012 (baseball's "modern era"). Small sample size caveat, obviously... but just look at where his OPS puts him historically based on his start this year. To stay up that far on this list, he'd need to continue raking the way he has all year and adjust to pitchers as much as they'll adjust to him. As you look at the names in that list, though, the thing that stands out is that there just aren't many players that put up the kind of stats he's putting up at this age. The vast majority of those went on to become superstars and Hall of Famers. It's good company to be in. FYI: This link can be bookmarked to check in on it all year long. I know I will be.

Angels 2012 Top 15 Prospects & Discussion


Jeff Reese and I took a look at the Angels farm system over at Bullpen Banter. There's some video the BB staff has taken this year (including the best stuff out there on rising star John Hellweg) and links to more. With our lists you get two top 15s and two perspectives and we're happy to answer any further questions or listen to comments you have. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and thanks for reading.

The guy who caught Trout's 1st homer


What a great guy. He deserves some kind of honorary spot in the Angel pantheon.

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