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Jered Weaver chooses comfort over dollars


SI's Lee Jenkins breaks down Weaver's decision to stay in Angels red. He also brings up a pitch I've never even heard of, describing it as a "no-seamer" or "dry spitter."

Scott Boras Enters Weaver Suspension Fray


Scott Boras will be speaking with MLB face-to-face in appealing Jered Weaver's six-game suspension for playing the game the right way in Detroit on Sunday.

Jered Weaver Arbitration a Pause in Franchise Lore


Jered Wevaer is already an Angels great in historical terms. As he approaches arbitration, shouldn't the Angels be thinking about locking up an all time great instead of dawdling over a few hundred...

Adrian Beltre Signing Would Cost Angels Torii Hunter Money (At Least)


Adrian Beltre's numbers are too similar to Torii Hunter's at Age 31 for him to accept anything less than what Hunter got in free agency. Will the Angels meet that simple fiscal threshold?

Kendry Morales Went to Boras After $$ Loss


Angels slugger Kendry Morales hired scott Boras as his agent this winter. It has been revealed that his previous agent is being questioned about $300,000 in unauthorized withdrawals.

Kendry Morales Hires Scott Boras


Via ESPN: Los Angeles Angels first baseman Kendry Morales has fired agents Alan and Randy Hendricks and signed with Scott Boras, the agent confirmed to ESPN The Magazine. "Essentially, we had gotten a call from Kendry about a month ago and said he was interested in interviewing representation and he asked if we wanted to be one of the people he looked at," Boras said. "We had a meeting with Kendry and his wife and yesterday he informed us of his decision." dannyras first got us the news here

Tony Reagins Speaks, Media Hints at Angels Front Office Tension


Tony Reagins is trying to keep his 97-Win Angels together, according to media reports.

What's Up With Garret Anderson?


Any news on Garret Anderson? His player profile at BOTH ESPN and at Yahoo (linked) have nothing in them. No news may be bad news for our beloved G-A.

Manny Ramirez to the Angels Now Makes TOO Much Sense


After spurning the Dodgers,slugging outfielder Manny Ramirez and the L.A. Angels are a perfect fit. Is this prize free agent about to wear a Halo?


G.A.: Green and Yellow?

What player in history looks the worst? Wade Boggs in a Tampa Bay Devil Rays uni? Troy Glaus in a Arizona Diamondbacks uni? Will Ferrell as Atticus Finch? Well, they might have some...

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