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Trout Already 24th in Career bWAR for an Angels Position Player


After just over a year of playing, Trout's ranked 24 on Baseball-reference's list of Angels' career WAR by a position player. The Top 50 has two players on it with less than 1000 PA - Trout at 24, and Bourjos at 40.

FanGraphs looks at cost of WAR by position


Interesting to see relief pitchers cost a heck of lot more per WAR than their counterparts on the team. Also interesting to note that one of the considerations is whether or not " whether general managers are building better bullpens to save their jobs." I would assume this to be foolish, given the volatility of reliever performance year to year.

WAR Not All It's Cracked Up To Be?

"When we stubbornly suggest that 0.5 WAR means anything, we are grossly exaggerating the statistic’s accuracy, even according to its creators. It remains true that any reasoned discussion of an individual’s contributions still requires analysis of the various components that go into WAR, as well as several that don’t, and, as such, subjectivity reigns." Perhaps to our collective dismay, this article at the Sweet Spot's Yankee blog, It's About the Money, makes a couple of interesting points regarding the weaknesses of this would-be Holy Grail of statistics.

Ultimate Base Running (UBR)


FanGraphs is now adding UBR as part of its WAR. It is under the "Bsr" stat column. This is retroactive from the 2002 season to the present, so fWAR has been recalculated. Some players, like Angel Pagan, really benefited from this. his 2010 fWAR was 4.9, but now it is 5.4.

BBTF: King Kaufman: In defense of replacement-level players?


A good discussion about replacement level going on over at Baseball Think Factory.

WAR on Sportscenter


Sportscenter just used WAR to compare Tulowitzki to Hanley and Jeter. I think this is kind of a big deal.

Birthday WAR


Find out the player with the most WAR born on your birthday. Mine is Jack Stivetts who was born in 1868. Jack threw 440 innings and 40 complete games for the 1891 St. Louis Browns. (Via BBTF)

Zack Greinke and the 11 Greatest Seasons Since Pedro's 1999


Zack looked like he was going to "make history" back in May. You know, the history books that cite pitcher WAR. So, I checked it out using my usual tricks that are actually borrowed from other people: Colin Wyers' BsR-FIP (why isn't this used more?), PythagenPat, etc. to see how he stacked up, and in the meantime, I rank a number of other great seasons. And, yes, this includes some stuff from before the "FanGraphs Era" (2002-).

The Concept of Replacement Level and the Problem with Fielding Data


Two interesting posts/dscussions at The Book Blog today. The first (the one linked above) begins as a discussion of J.C. Bradbury's claim that Garret Anderson is a league average player, but what is more interesting are the comments that follow regarding about whether or not replacement level is the proper baseline to use when valuing baseball players. The second has to do with the way batted balls are recorded in the data used in fielding metrics like UZR, plus/minus, PMR, etc., and the possible bias/inconsistency in that data, using Ichiro's defensive stats as an example.

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