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Thor’sLinks: Winter Goes Bonkers

Too little action over too long of a time as Machado/Harper tactics clog the FA drain, leads to frayed emotions.

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Halos Heaven Favorite Baseball Movie Round 1: Eight Men Out vs. 42

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Why the Angels might win a wildcard spot

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HumpLinks: No Mo’ Mike?

The winds of rumor waft the first hint of Trout’s camp rejecting any extension talk.

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Shohei Ohtani

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Mike Trout

Angels acquire John Curtiss from the Twins because he throws hard

The Angels did a thing today

HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 1: Bull Durham vs. Cobb

Featured Fanshot

MLB The Show thinks Bryce Harper would help bring a trophy to Anaheim

Bryce Harper is this year's cover dude on MLB The Show. The game ran some simulations on what would happen if Bryce Harper were on each team. Perhaps every is Harper's reaction on Twitter. He's paying attention! Go get him Billy!!!!

TuesdoLinks: Murray Re-Writes The Rules

Kyler Murray exposes how MLB works hard to hold the upper hand over prospects

HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 1: A League of Their Own vs. Angels In The Outfield

MondoLinks: Another scuttle of coal

Things are heating up for Harper and Machado

Angels avoid arbitration with all 9 eligible players

Billy Eppler and the bullpens of insanity

Feels like we have been here before...

HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 1: The Natural vs. Bang the Drum Slowly

WeekEnd HaloLinks: One Month More

MLB pitchers and catchers start reporting in about 1 month

Angels will remain at Angel Stadium through 2020

This is another stopgap measure.

HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 1: Major League vs. Moneyball

Thor’sLinks: Sunshine don’t last

These beautiful SoCal sunny days are about to end. And, no, I ain’t talking about the Halos.

Let’s stop talking about Mike Trout going to the Phillies. It ain’t gonna happen. M’kay?? (Link to The Good Phight)

From our sister site on SBN

Jered Weaver is on Twitter tossing out snark like an 83 MPH fastball

If you don’t follow him, you are missing out

Angels send Luis Rengifo, Griffin Canning, Taylor Ward and Matt Thaiss to.... The MLB Rookie Development Program

Scary headline if you don’t read the second part

HumpLinks: Sighing For Relief

The Angels keeping poking the bushes for bullpen help

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Extra, extra! A new, improved offensive stat

Angels discussing trades for Giants’ left-handed relievers Will Smith and Tony Watson, per report

The Angels aren’t done quite yet.

Ranking 2018 Angels Rookie Performances

Looking back at the "kids" from 2018

What would a lifetime contract to Cam Bedrosian look like?

Tolerate him or hate him, Bedrock is going to stay on this roster forever.

TuesdoLinks: Bobbling Ahead

Yesterday was National Bobblehead Day, and once again I forgot!

MondoLinks: Back from a busy weekend

Despite all the lamentations, MLB was pretty busy over the past few days.

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A pessimist's reasons for optimism

Featured Fanshot

Shohei Ohtani holding a sick baby that shares his name is exactly what this off-season needs

Ohtani is a stand up dude. He's full of respect for the game, life, other people. If the image of him holding Shohei Kawasaki and poking his little baby cheeks while saying "I always hope that you will keep fighting" doesn't just warm your heart right up, then this winter has indeed been hard on you. Keep fighting little Shohei Kawasaki. You have a strong name on your side!

Halos Heaven’s 2018 stats show a continued commitment to online Angels dominance

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The franchise's ten most crucial non-Trout players

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Museum—Professional Baseball in California

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Farm system is much improved, but is it good?

Top Halos Heaven articles of 2018 (5-1)

Countdown of the most viewed 2018 articles


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