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WeekEnd HaloLinks: Breaking Bad

When 2019 looks just like 2018 looks just like 2017 looks just like 2016...

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What’s $300 million?

To paraphrase a Mr. Dirksen myth: "A million here, a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money."

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Jared Walsh could be next Shohei Ohtani, right??

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Thor’sLinks: Tempe Turns Red

Players take the field, Rex takes the photos, and I’m green with envy.

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The Latest

Shohei Ohtani

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Mike Trout

Angels Spring Training has arrived, and we have the first pics!!

Halos Heaven Favorite Baseball Movie Finale!

HumpLinks: Shohei May, or May not.

Ohtani’s rehab curve could get him back into the lineup in May. Emphasizing could, there.

Spring Training without Mike Scioscia? Interesting.

The effects can already be felt.

TuesdoLinks: Tempe Time!

Pitchers & Catchers report today, and Spring Training officially begins!

The 2019 HH prospect rankings are here!

Find out how each of our writers voted on their top Angels prospects and view the composite list within.

MondoLinks: MLB camps are opening

2019 MLB camp have formally opened. Tomorrow LAA will join them. I can’t wait to see uniforms on the grass.

2019’s position players and the division rivals they crushed

The 2019 edition of a 2017 retrospective from 2018.

Halos Heaven Spring Training Roster podcast

WeekEnd HaloLinks: Frankly, Great.

With the passing of Frank Robinson, baseball loses greatness to history.

  • Fanpost

The great Frank Robinson and the California Angels

What to expect from Angels non-roster Spring Training invitees (Position Players)

Random musings on the playoffs, free agency, and the state of baseball

Where one thought leads to another.

Thor’sLinks: Over The Line

We already do have other versions of baseball, if that’s your thing.

MLB wants to change the rules, so let’s talk about it

Manfred’s rule changing mission continues

What to expect from Angels non-roster Spring Training invitees (Pitchers & Catchers)

HumpLinks: Changes Are a’Coming

Rob Manfred and Tony Clark are doing crazy talk

Aging Angels and the Curve of Doom

Aging curves of some of the "older" position players

TuesdoLinks: One Week to Harvey/Lucroy!

Pitchers & Catchers report exactly one week from today.

HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 2: Bull Durham vs. Major League

Noe Ramirez Talks with Halos Heaven

MondoLinks: The Super Bore

NFL had their marquee event yesterday, and an MLB game broke out.

HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 2: 8 Men Out vs. A League of Their Own

Angels 2019 season according to FanGraphs: Over/Under

TuesdoLinks: It’s Almost Tempe Time

LAA Pitchers and Catchers report in exactly TWO weeks!

MondoLinks: Halos Make Biggest Move of Offseason

This weekend was moving day. And in just a few hours, the forklifts did more work than the entire LAA FO this winter.

Angels announce non-roster Spring Training invitees

WeekEnd HaloLinks: Down to the last 2 weeks

This week was Adam Kennedy. Who noticed?

Angels Moving Day Preview

Thor’sLinks: Back To Winter Works

We wrap up HoF, launch promo stuff, and refocus on the hot stove.