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Game 048 - Nihilism Pregame Picks

Twins @ Angels - 7:07 PM

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The world is ending and honestly who even cares about baseball when Ohtani and Simba go down and this team is a mess and we’re all going down in flames and **takes deep breath

We don’t care about the game score, do we?

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Series Preview: Twins @ Angels (Twinkie Redux)

Seeing double. Here come the Twins again.

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What happened to Jordan Serena?

It seems that the utility man is no longer playing baseball.

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The Latest

Shohei Ohtani

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MondoLinks: Broken Brooms

When MLB serves up a Royal buffet, it’s a bad time to diet.

Game 047 - We Just Saw These Guys Pregame Picks

Twins @ Angels - 7:07 PM

(SPOILERS) Game of Thrones The Final Episode: Post-Episode Discussion

Casually wiping away our shot at .500...

It was not a pretty one.

Game 046 - .500 Is a Rare and Beautiful Unicorn Pregame Picks

Royals @ Angels - 1:07 PM

Core Four power Angels to Saturday night victory

Ohtani, Trout go yard; Canning, Buttrey shut down Royals

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The Angels' love for grounding into double plays

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Game 045 - Eli Young Band Pregame Picks

Royals @ Angels - 7:07 PM

After traversing Country Roads, Angels come home to a win

The Take Me Home game is a largely stress-free win.

Series Preview: Royals @ Angels (A Matchup Against Those We Can Actually Beat)

We still need wins.

WeekEnd HaloLinks: Fireworks Friday

It’s Matt Harvey Day again! What are the odds?

Game 044 - Homecoming Pregame Picks

Royals @ Angels - 7:07 PM

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Comparing Harvey and Cahill to the free agent pool

SBNation FanPulse: No, baseball fans do not feel that baseball games are too long

The poll runs counter to Commissioner Rob Manfred’s efforts to speed up the game.

Thor’sLinks: Halos Cahilled Back to Anaheim

Trevor did him implosion thing. Ohtani had a miserable day.

An Open Discussion of the Angels Rotation

Where do we go from here?

Angels drop Twins series as Cahill coughs up six

A haiku for your Wednesday.

HumpLinks: Come Back Comes Short

Halos come up one missing Instant Replay short.

Game 043 - The Day After Pregame Picks

Angels @ Twins - 10:10 AM

It’s all about Big Brain Brad in tonight’s loss

Some interesting things happened.

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Doris Day and the Angels

TuesdoLinks: Sho’ ‘Nuff!

Shohei Ohtani Launches the Halos to a W

Weeks 5/6/7 Pregame Picks Review!

Weeks 3/4 Leader: cornzzz Overall Leader: Ant Fan

Game 042 - Life, the Universe, and Everything Pregame Picks

Angels @ Twins - 4:40 PM

Angels hit, hit, and hit some more in Minnesota. It’s refreshing!

What a way to start off the series!

Shohei Ohtani demolishes baseball

429 feet!

Angels bobbleheads get a Game of Thrones rendition

The final season of Game of Thrones is wrapping up on HBO, and there are some cool bobbleheads to go with it!

Series Preview: Angels @ Twins (Up North)

This is the last series before the Angels return home.

MondoLinks: Angels Pinked at Camden

Young Canning learns to lose. But 19 K’s is kinda cool.

Game 041 - More Travel Pregame Picks

Angels @ Twins - 4:40 PM


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