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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 167/162

Highlanders @ Halos
Official Game Thread
Mussina vs. Colon

Forget the hyperbole, this is a must-win game. I will be there, will you?

The Angels' pitching has been excellent at shutting down the Yankee offense, so it would be nice if the Halo bats could just show up for more than an inning.

Strategically, the Yankees are looking simply for four or five good innings out of Mussina. Randy Johnson is aching for two innings of middle relief redemption. Rivera threw 36 pitches and doesn't care about that. But the AL East's best have one eye on their flight to Chicago and we are at home, one would assume a little looser.

We have the chance to eliminate the New York Nine on national television with our thunder sticks and our monkey and our cotton candy a block away from Disneyland; they will never give the Angels their due and will focus on these peripherals instead of admitting that their ballclub is evenly matched with ours.

So I choose to pour on this poison they so fear: Go Monkey Go.

Runs-n-Hits Picks: LAA: 8/14, NYY: 2/7

Random I-tunes lyrics:
Particle Man by They Might Be Giants

When he's underwater does he get wet
or does the water get him instead?