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Angels: 5, Torre's Wang: 3

It feels so different to walk out of the stadium after a big win. So perfect. The world and everything in it are perfect, it is all supposed to be like this, it has all fallen together. The exhaust fumes of the idling Orange County Hummers gridlocking a postgame parking lot are funding the Taliban and it is the smell of success as preordained by an intimacy of perfection that 45,000 in attendance would recognize as destiny.

Bengie: Clutch.
Cabrera: Clutch.
Rivera: Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Lackey: Solid.
Shields: UP!
Kelvim: Zen
Frankie: Can't ever make it look too easy.
Figgy: I kiss your glove, but your bat gets no love.
Garret: Change your chones and Get Figgy With It.
Finley, Kennedy: Wake up. Okay, nice D, Adam.
Erstad: Nice D.
Vlad: They still afeared of you.

And to the Yankee fans in attendance at tonight's game, click the link below to see the one word we all got for you...