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Spring The Hell Forward

So I went to Chavez Ravine this afternoon, had agreed to meet my brother at 12:30 , he had an extra ticket. I am on the bus to the park and the sign flashes 1:16 pm and I am thinking their clock is an hour fast.

Well, ha ha, joke is on me. My brother waited until the National Anthem and then split.

So I had to finance the Frank McCourt ponzi scheme (I had eaten a big breakfast and taken public transportation to avoid doing so) and cough up ten bills to see a game already in the 3rd inning.

Found my Dodger-loving brother and watched the Angel B-team give the blue crew fits:
?Paul Byrd looked good, except when two consecutive pitches were mashed.
?Curtis Pride put us ahead with a 430 ft. homer.
?Mike Napoli (huh??? guess I gotta read Future Angels more often) absolutely killed an Elmer Dessens pitch, 417 ft to Centerfield.
?Bret Prinz looked great too, nice pickup.
All in all, a nice afternoon among the Encino Mullets of Brooklyn.

And if you haven't already, turn your clocks ahead an hour.