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Tomahawk Chopped - Angels 4, Braves 2

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Garret Anderson's heroics outshined by Darin Erstad laying out the Braves Cathcer with a brutal slam at the plate.

Also taking the spotlight off of G.A. was a Percival-like heartburn of Frankie pitching the 9th. Frankie gave up a two out hit and then a walk (Frankie walked Franco) before striking out Furcal to end it. Lackey pitched six solid innings, scattering slap hits and getting ganked by Dave LaRoche's disloyal son.

In the 9th, Erstad would have had to face the Atlanta pitching staff after the bangup but Figgins ended a pathetic night by lining out into a double play. But with two more games, Vegas needs to place odds on whether the benches will clear in this series.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Julio Franco is older than Mike Scioscia?