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Just say NO to Mike Sweeney

A fellow Halosphere blogger says it better than I can.

Frankly, Tim Salmon is a September Right Handed bat I would like to see in the lineup. And he won't cost us shit - well, actually he is costing us ten million dollars, but he gets that regardless.

Of course, Arte proabably laughs when someone writes US. It is his money. But it is OUR frickin team.

yeswecan: 5
REV: 5
Wise&Eck: 3
Sean: 2
Chompo: 2
cupie: 1

Pick the Runs and Hits the Angels and their opponents will get before each game. Post it in the Comments section of the game thread bfore the game begins. Exact matches get you 1 point. Top prize is our very own pissin' contest braggin' rights!