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That's a mighty big plate of shit you're gonna have to eat there, boys, you'd better all share...

Sometimes things are just so awful that they actually make sense.

Maybe just maybe, tonight's ridiculous display of pathetic hitting will make sense to someone - perhaps even to someone who can do something about things, aka Bill Stoneman.

Tonight's game was so pathetic, that it made me want the Angels to lose this season.

Think of all the good that this coming choke will bring us:
They cannot raise ticket prices.
The bandwagon shakes loose some dandruff that is clinging on.
They get fewer in-game advertisers and promos so that we can actually follow the shitty team's games instead of playing mute-it roulette.
(slip that line in your ad packet, Carpino)
They might even shitcan a broadacaster or two as a cosmetic change.
A distant outside possibility would be the addition of a baseball player or two who will contribute.

No doubt about it - this team let everyone who follows it down tonight. It was a team anti-effort. It was like catching your wife in bed with the UPS driver (please note that I said YOUR wife and go check that credit card statement a little more carefully).

Courtesy o' Pearly Gates, every Angel fan must now:

Press the Panic Button.

If we had Bob Dylan playing Centerfield and batting 5th, he would have been as useful as Steve Finley this season. We'd be in the same shape we're in now - letting a lead slip away with an old has-been in Cneterfield clogging our lineup - but at least there would be a good show at the postgame ho-down - Bob has even recorded a few songs in Spanish. After years of touring on the road, Bob's a total "chemistry" guy, loved in the clubhouse, you know, the crap this team looks for in a player instead of their ability to contribute to winning.

Even the ever-ass-kissing Steve Physioc was dogging the hell out of Steve Finley during Finley's pathetic at-bats tonight, so I cannot say anything else, but I am close to graduating to bagging on Steve's wife, that is how awful this whole thing is.

All I can say about Donnelly's performance is welcome to how the fans of 25 other major league clubs feel whenever anyone from their bullpen enters the game. He's better than league average, but with the game on the line, uh..., uh....

Maybe the ineptitude will make sense to dumb-jock Scioscia or talent-hoarding Stoneman and something will get done. It wasn't the lowest point of the seasson, but it was the most ridiculous.