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Resting the Bullpen

Shields might have gotten up and warm in the 8th inning, but he has not been in a game situation since Wednesday.

Frankie threw 15 sharp pitches Saturday.

Yan pitched well in Thursday's massacre, he is reasted and ready.

Peralta and Woods have had either had the baptism by fire on Thursday or the confidence-shattering coda to a brief career. We'll know which soon enough, hopefully at not too steep a cost and at the same time Scioscia realizes it as well.

Kevin Gregg is tan, rested and ready. But is this a good thing? Do we trust him with anything other than a mop in his hand? One thing is for sure, Jose Can You See Molina or Josh Dead Pope Society Paul should be the catcher when Kevin Gregg is pitching, as Backhanding Bengie just cannot handle that sinker anymore.