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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 81/162


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Kansas City Royals of Missouri

Washburn vs. Greinke, 4:10 p.m.

Apparently there is no television coverage of this game. You just know Arte let Jackie Autry run things for a day just to see what the good times as a medium market tax deduction were like.

In an awesome coincidence, me and my squeeze are going with friends to look at the King Tut thingy at LACMA, so I would have missed the dang game anyway.

I will let you know if Tut was worth it. One thing for sure, this game is not a gimmee, let's reach the halfway point on an up note, roadbrooming and all.

My Runs/Hits Pix: LAA: 6/11, KCR: 4/7

Now when I die
now don't think I'm a nut,
don't want no fancy funeral,
jsut one like old King Tut!