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1st place on the 4th and 5th

The Angel Stadium July 4 fireworks show was 15 minutes long. It came after we had the tying run at the plate and Vlad on deck. Too bad we lost, but it shows we are a competitive club even when down in the 9th.

Our 2-1 victory on July 5 was tightrope pitching by Santana, Kevin Gregg and then shut the door with Shields and Frankie. Bengie Molina crushed a homer to deep centerfield in the 5th inning that was the difference.

Why Bengie bats 8th and DaVannon (whose new theme song, Devo's WHIP IT, did little to inspire anyone in the crowd under 41) bats 5th is beyond me.

Our lead over Texas is back to 7.5 games, Our lead over Oakland is 9.5 games.

Thanks to cupie for putting up a July 5 Diary game thread. Mizz H.F. and I have had a good little stay in Anaheim, checking in for tomorrow's game and then putt-putt-putting back to Smogtown.