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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 85/162


Seattle Mariners vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Piniero v. Colon
7:05 p.m. on the Foxnet

1. Bartolo should start the All Star Game.

2. Bengie Molina should DH more often. Jose can do two days catching, Josh one day, then Bengie for a game - all of the pitchers will see each cathcer and when Bengie catches it can spell Vlad or Garret with a day off their field legs.
2(a). It seems ironic that the relief pitchers are babied with rest, the starting pitchers are coddled with pitch counts - but the postion players on the deepest team in Major League Baseball are expected to be 9-inning gamers every day.

3. Richard at The Pearly Gates Blog makes a fantastic observation - the Angels could be sellers in the current trade market seeing as they are about as deep a team as exists. You know in your heart that Curtis Pride serves us better than Jeff DaVanon.

My Runs/Hits Pix: LAA: 8 runs, 15 hits, KCR: 2 runs, 6 hits.

It's the law, you're in jail
It's the law that sets your bail
Don't bother to try and fight
It's only a few more nights