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Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

The upside is that Bartolo did not completley collapse - it took him a few innings to find his control and he shut them down for the 3-6 innings - problem was the 7 runs in the 1st two.

Guess the guys were a little flat coming off the high of yesterday's win. Minnesota also won the first game of the series earlier this week, so maybe getting out of the disgusting midwest summer humidity revives a team - Seattle leaves KC and shows up to our perfect climate looking like Murderer's frickin' Row.

Blame Bart's virus, blame the weather, blame a little overconfident lackadaisical meandering, blame Seattle wanting to impress the So-Cal hoochie mama groupies after three days with Kansas City Cows, whatever you blame, we cannot pin this one on Steve Finley or Jeff DaVanon. A damn shame, but we can't.