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SILVER LINING: If the team is actually slipping into a decline...

Let's say the team is about to tank, yeah, ugh!.

But think about the ability to pull things through late in the season - perhaps if Texas and Oakland got a glimpse of possibility and mortgaged their minor league future on the illusion of taking it from us this season - this helps us long-term like little else.

Maybe we should be taunting them more, hanging the possibility of our collapse in order for them to push the button, ditch their future for a rent-a-veteran who turns into a glass slipper and breaks the day he has to face a revived Kelvim Escobar.

...or we just run away with the goddamn thing and they all bring up minor leaguers who get totally dispirited being 15 games out and losing regularly and being booed by fans who wish they wore red...