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Not Dark Yet, But it's Getting There...

Lost in the misery of that road trip was a few possible solutions for this club, for salvaging this season.

The Cabrera batting 2nd experiment went surprisingly well and i would endorse it. Figgins in Centerfield is an equally fabulous idea. Can management admit the Finley blunder to the tune of a $7 million benchwarmer? I hope they can.

Chris Bootcheck showed a gutty performance and, save Sunday's bullpen meltdown, we would have had TWO rookies beat the Spankees in the house that Ruth built.

Here is my suggested player usage for the short-term:

Figgins CF

Cabrera SS

Vlad DH

Garret LF

Bengie C

Erstad 1B

Rivera RF

Izturis 3B

Kennedy 2B

When McPherson is healhty, bat him 6th and move Darin into Izzy's spot.
If Bengie is not catching, Dh him, put Vlad in Right, move Izzy to battign 7th and Jose bats 8th.

This leaves us a bench of:
C: Jose & Josh
OF: DaVanon & Finley
At the moment we are carrying 12 pitchers, so a right-handed infielder is the logical piece to this puzzle. Let's see what develops before Tuesday night's game.