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Ramble on and on and on and on

I suppose we can expect Steve Finley back in the lineup tonight, even though he went 0 for 4, even though Lefty Zito is pitching. Finley's former cellmate, Orlando Cabrera, has broken free and begun to hit, to contribute even. Scioscia is getting all old-skool on us, saying Finley has to hit his way out of this slump. Didn't know Gene Mauch left the old quotebook around. If you see Mike bunting with none out and a runner on first, it is time to break out the ouija board.

Soon, Dallas McPherson will be back and we can move Figgins to Centerfield and Steve to the bench where he belongs, an older, richer DaVanon.

Of course, there is always the hope of moving Erstad to Center, if only for a night or two of him flying through the air toward gappers. Nah, ain't gonna happen, they are weird about that - no nostalgia allowed, won't be bringing back Alex Ochoa for September just for giggles.

I wonder if ArchAngel Michael slots Bengie at DH and start Jose behind the dish to get two righty bats in there, or is it Bengie's mitt what gets Magic to work his evil, night-time ways?