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Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc must be terminated.

I am sick of the Aryan Nation behind the fucking microphone.

Steve Finley is a piece of shit, but the White guy is always COMING AROUND, he is GONNA GET HOT, he is JUST ABOUT THERE.

Every Finley strikeout is a learning experience, every bobble of the ball is an excuse, a cover up, a glossing over or a kissing of Steve's hick white ass.

To hear Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler talk, the white player is always almost there and it is just a darned shame about the brown player.

And then Orlando Cabrera is up and All Rex Hudler can do is talk about TOO BAD HE BOBBLED THAT BALL, Steve Finley would have been the difference in this game.

Always bringing up the inadequacies of the brown brothers, magnifying their failures, lamenting their imperfection in a game of 7 failures out of ten.


I would offer a little more analysis of the game, sure it sucked, yeah we were close, it wasn't in the bag, but we were looking on the shelf where they keep the bags, but I am just sickened by the white-boy deepthroating that Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler continue to perform on White players while ragging on and whining about less egregious failings and inconsitencies by the Angels non-white players.

I can't think about it anymore, i am angry, they are mental midgets and I cannot take it anymore.