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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 115/162

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim versus Team Frapuccino of Sodo-mojo-blo-yo-mama-eattle

Official Game Thread for your comments, convesation, observation and slanderous insights into the pathetic nature of the expansion Seattle Franchise

Washburn versus Moyer

7:05 pm in the Pacific Time Zone - you know, all the East Coast pontificators whine about playoff games starting so late, I would be willing to give in on this issue if all game times were listed in Pacific Time on national media. You just know the ivy league retards couldn't comprehend the math on any of that, though. They'd assume it was a Bush tax-cut and call in Oliver Stone to remake Time Bandits

My Runs and Hits picks: Angels: 11/20, Bavasi's Mom: 2/4

UPDATE: My apologies to all Seattle fans for misspelling Frapuccino, it is 1 P (like after three beers) and 2 C's (like the cup for Edgar's man-titties).