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Classlessly twisting the frickin' knife even though we needn't...

Final Score in Seattle: L.A. 9, Seattle 1

The Angels had a great game in Seattle. They mixed together a series of singles and doubles with 2 outs, along with a little power from the sticks and got an ace performance out of Bartolo Colon. Of course, the Bothell Batflippers are the equivalent of a Triple-A team, so let's not get too cocky.

On second thought, I will get too cocky:

Get out the broom, pyaback is a bitch Sasquatch, Bill Gates is gonna make Vladdie and the boys a latte to go after this one.

Was that not post-Cobain cocky enough for the Aberdeen Face-No-More's? Okay, how about this...

Best news out of Seattle is that Team Frapuccino's fan base has been pining for hope, and fate crushed any they had for the '06 season by ripping apart rookie Frap Chris Snelling's ACL. Hope that young Emerald pasty had Safeco Insurance, right! Boo-Hoo, looks like you better make that a grande caramel lite before you go to the Experience Music Project and blame Courtney Love for everything that has gone wrong with the world after the WTO riots.