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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 116/162

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim versus Team Frapuccino of Seattle

Official Game Thread for your comments, convesation, observation and slanderous insights into washington State residents other than Bigfoot and Chief Joseph

Colon versus Franklin

1:05 pm in the Pacific Time Zone

It looks like this game is not going to be televised due to FOX Game of the Week restrictions.
Since Arte makes money off this bullshit and is therefore complicit, let me protest this asinine programming decision by recommending that you pig the fuck out before every home game across the street from the stadium at Fresca's on Katella, delicious Mexican Food for a great price - and do not drop a goddamn dime on the overpriced horseslop Aramark picks out of the dumpsters for you at the stadium.
Sorry Arte, we're getting fucked here, you are going to have take a little of the reaming.

UPDATE: As usual, I spoke too soon, the game is on Channel 13, I wonder if they will be promoting a Ricohcorp defense or a Jack-in-the-Box defense

... ANYWAY, on to the game:
Ryan Franklin (the crackhead juicer who looks like every hair product computer geek in the Safeco seats) is on the mound for the Fraps today.
He is opposed by Bartolo Colon (who's safe from any steroids policy that does not include cheesecake).

My Runs and Hits picks: Angels: 8/12, Bavasi Jr.'s AAA Squad: 2/6

Random music selection from my ipod for this game:

See No Evil by Television from their album Marquee Moon, and dedicated to cupie & Jim

l understand all
destructive urges
it seems so perfect
i see...
i see no...
i see no evil