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by our teeth

Sole possession of first place. Enjoy it.

Nice to sweep that puddle of pearl jam. That broom look familiar to you, Sleater-Kinney?

Lackey was a bit off, lucky it was against Team Frapuccino and not a major league club.

Donnelly regressed from his absolutely gutty performance on friday night and sucked. Ironically he got the wion.

I missed the play at the plate that even some Halo Homers said went Seattle's way, but the lousy call byt he ump has stabbed our abdomen more than once this season, we'll take it.

Frankie threw more pitches than normal but got them uno-dos-tres.

As far as the sticks go, an achey Garret opened a slot for Casey Sunshine Man and he smacked a souvenir to the seats, Vlasd was Vlad, and Bengie was fat Vlad right afterwards. Erstad had a late-inning clutchy-clutchy and need I remind everyone that Steve Finley is this team's hemmorhoid - when he is sitting it may be painful, but when he is standing it gets bloody.